Quiz: Are You Smart Enough to Help a 5th Grader With Their Science Homework?
Are You Smart Enough to Help a 5th Grader With Their Science Homework?
By: Becky
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Were you a science nerd in elementary school? Do you think you still have what it takes to ace a fifth-grade science exam? See if you've still got the right stuff by acing this fifth-grade science quiz.

Fifth-grade science curriculum includes a variety of subjects. Kids in fifth grade might study a little bit of biology, geology, astronomy, chemistry and even meteorology. Although fifth-grade science does not dig in depth into any of these subjects, it does provide an overview upon which future science classes will build. So, skip fifth-grade science at your own risk - it's necessary to build a foundation for the rest of the science curriculum.

We think that science is fun, but you may not have considered it your best subject. If you had trouble in science, you may have a tough time helping a fifth-grader with his or her science homework. But if you were a science whiz, you just might look forward to the day your child enters the fifth grade and needs homework help. Even better, you might anticipate the annual science fair. If that's the case, you are definitely a science nerd.

Take this elementary science quiz to find out how much you really remember about fifth-grade science.

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