Quiz: Are You Smarter Than a US Army Soldier?
Are You Smarter Than a US Army Soldier?
By: John Miller
Image: fstop123/E+/gettyimages

About This Quiz

It takes nerves of steel survive a firefight in a war zone. It also takes fundamental knowledge of Army procedures, command structure, communication, marching practice and a whole lot of other skills that civilians never stop to consider. In the United States Armed Forces, Army troops have to absorb and remember a multitude of critical details while enemy soldiers are frantically trying to kill them. In this hardcore quiz, do you think you’re smarter than an average U.S. soldier?

Green recruits start their Army careers in basic training, or boot camp. There, they get a taste of the physical, mental and emotional conditioning they need to set aside their primal fears and carry assault rifles into a frenzied combat zone. Without a basic grasp of troop formations, line of fire and coordination, chaos ensues … and people die. Do you think you know enough about the Army to make it through even one week of basic training, much less a full-scale offensive?

Soldiers need to know how to break down, clean and reassemble their weapons in a hurry. They must understand their basic caloric intake in order to fuel themselves for battle. They have to realize how critical it is to follow orders under fire, otherwise their entire mission may be jeopardized.

Let’s see if you’re cut out to be a U.S. Army soldier. Take aim at this Army quiz now!

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