Are You In or You Out? The Lost in Translation Quiz

By: Maria Trimarchi

What's the name of the hotel bar?

The hotel bar is the New York Bar, on the 52nd floor of Tokyo's Park Hyatt.

Who did director Sofia Coppola have in mind for the role of Bob Harris?

As Coppola talks about it in interviews, she wrote the role specifically for her "fantasy hero," Bill Murray.

Who was Bill Murray's inspiration for Bob Harris' Suntory whiskey billboards?

Bill Murray inspiration for his Suntory photo shoot was Harrison Ford, whose face was advertising Asahi beer on billboards around Tokyo in real life.

Sofia Coppola based the opening shot on a painting by which artist?

John Kacere's photorealistic paintings of women's bodies, like "Jutta," inspired the opening sequence with Scarlett Johansson clad in pink underwear.

Who did American filmmaker -- and Sofia's father -- Francis Ford Coppola work with on Suntory whiskey ads in the early '80s?

Francis Ford Coppola collaborated with Japanese filmmaker Akira Kurosawa on ads for Suntory whiskey in 1980.

Charlotte tried taking photos, but what was wrong with them?

They're "so mediocre."

Under what alias is Kelly staying at the hotel?

"I'm under Evelyn Waugh." Shh.

Who sent Bob the Premium Fantasy woman?

When Bob opens his hotel door, she tells him, "Mr. Kazu sent me."

To relieve his tight shoulders and neck, what type of massage does Bob have in his room?

Bob has a Shiatsu massage in his room.

Which is not an ingredient in the Lost in Translation drink at the New York Bar at the Park Hyatt Tokyo?

The "Lost in Translation" cocktail is made of sake, Sakura liqueur, peach schnapps, and cranberry juice.

What's the name of the hotel band?

They're Sausalito.

Who is the Japanese Johnny Carson?

Takashi Fujii appears as his character Matthew Minami, the host of "Matthew's Best Hit TV" in Japan.

Who was the Kelly character, played by Anna Faris, based on?

Despite what many assume, Coppola says the Kelly was not based on Cameron Diaz. She says it's just a "type."

Who was John, played by Giovanni Ribisi, based on?

Coppola has confirmed that John is at least loosely based on her then-husband Spike Jonze.

What is the title of the soul-searching CD Charlotte listens to?

Charlotte listens to "A Soul's Search: Finding Your True Calling."

What kind of BB gun does the bartender use against Charlotte, Bob, and Charlotte's friends?

The BB gun is an Airsoft MP5 with a Tokyo-Marui tracer adapter (that's what makes the BBs glow).

"Lost in Translation" was nominated for four Academy Awards. In which category did Sofia Coppola win an Oscar?

Sofia Coppola won the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay.

Which film didn't screen along with "Lost in Translation" at the 2003 Telluride Film Festival?

"Inside Llewyn Davis" was in the 2013, not the 2003, lineup.

What expression did Charlotte make when she and Bob first saw each other in the hotel elevator?

When Bob reminds Charlotte they first saw each in the elevator, he teasingly tells her it was "a complete accident. A freak. I haven't seen it since. Just that one time."

What does Charlotte's husband do for a living?

Charlotte's husband, John, is a photographer.

To start eating healthier, Bob tells his wife, Lydia, he doesn't want to eat what?

Bob would like to start eating healthier and doesn't want all that pasta.

Neither Bob nor Charlotte can do what since arriving in Tokyo?

Neither Bob nor Charlotte can sleep.

Bob's wife Lydia sends carpet samples to him. What color carpet sample does she like?

All of the carpet samples are close in shade, but Lydia likes the burgundy.

In which two Tokyo districts was most of the film shot?

Most of the movie was filmed in the Shibuya and Shinjuku districts.

At what type of restaurant did Bob and Charlotte have to cook their own food?

Bob and Charlotte have lunch at a shabu-shabu restaurant.

Where is Charlotte when she sees a bride and groom in traditional wedding attire?

Charlotte sees the traditionally-clothed bride and groom at the Nanzenji Temple.

What song does Charlie, played by Fumihiro Hayashi, perform during the karaoke scene?

Charlie, played by Fumihiro Hayashi, sings "God Save the Queen" by the Sex Pistols.

In what format was the film shot?

The film was shot on 35mm film.

How long was the script?

Because the script was just 70 pages long, some wondered if the movie would be feature-length.

Where did Charlotte go to college?

Charlotte graduated from Yale University.

What did Charlotte study at Yale?

Charlotte studied philosophy.

Which was a tagline for the film?

"Everyone wants to be found" was the tagline for "Lost in Translation." These others were used for "Psycho," "Swingers" and "Predator 2."

Which on-screen relationship inspired Sofia Coppola's vision for Bob and Charlotte?

Coppola has said she found inspiration for Bob and Charlotte in Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall in "The Big Sleep."

Which song isn't in Sausalito's repertoire?

The band performs "Midnight at the Oasis," "Scarborough Fair," and "You Stepped Out of a Dream." But it's Kelly who sings "Nobody Does It Better." (Thank you, Tokyo!)

What movie is Kelly promoting?

Kelly is in Tokyo promoting "Midnight Racer," in which she stars with Keanu Reeves.

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Bob is getting paid $2 million dollars to endorse a whiskey when he could be doing a play somewhere. He's not happy. And Charlotte, who tagged along on her husband's business trip, doesn't do much. She feels neglected, lonely and stuck. What happens when these two lost souls meet in Tokyo? Take this "Lost in Translation" quiz and find out.

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