Quiz: Are Your Clothes Actually Flattering for Your Body Type?
Are Your Clothes Actually Flattering for Your Body Type?
By: Teresa M.
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

A size six at Walmart is not the same size six found at Ann Taylor! Unless you've figured out your exact size at every store on the planet, it can be impossible to know which size will always fit you best. And let's not even get started on what cuts and styles look best on your body type! Sometimes, finding the perfect clothes is such a complicated endeavor that it's hard to know whether the ones we've chosen really flatter our bodies!

Have no fear! That's why we're here. As we examine your specific body type and the clothes you find most appealing, we'll get a good look at the way you style yourself and the way you see yourself. Our team of virtual stylists will delve into your fashion sense, and we'll carefully scrutinize your wardrobe to make sure you wear the things that highlight your amazing curves or you waif-like hips! No matter your build, let's make sure you are wearing the clothing that shows you off to the world! 

You won't need a tape measure or a 360-degree mirror to find out if your clothes are flattering! We're here to make sure you know for sure - are you wearing the most flattering things for your body type? Let's find out!

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