Quiz: Audi or Lexus: 87% of People Can't Correctly Identify the Make of These Vehicles! Can You?
Audi or Lexus: 87% of People Can't Correctly Identify the Make of These Vehicles! Can You?
By: Craig
Image: Youtube via Lexus Of Edmonton

About This Quiz

When it comes to luxury cars, it's easy for your eyes to glaze over when you try to tell them apart. But you'd better shake off that fog, gearhead! This quiz will see if you can tell the German masterpiece Audi from the Japanese smooth operator Lexus.

Seeing the potential for huge profits in the luxury car market, Toyota launched the Lexus brand in 1989. At first, it sold little more than stock Toyotas with lots of extra bells and whistles, much like buying a Ford Mustang rather than a Mercury Capri.  Interestingly enough, Lexus vehicles weren't available in Japan until 2005!

These days, Lexus is a brand all its own, with the RS sedans winning awards worldwide and even SUVs and sports coupes rounding out the offerings. No pickup truck yet!

Also lacking a pickup truck among its offerings is German automaking legend Audi. Most people think of Mercedes-Benz when they think of German cars, but the Audi deserves attention. The brand was hurt by a pedal misapplication problem that was originally blamed on faulty transmissions back in the '80s, but has recovered and carved out a solid place in the luxury market. 

So, can you tell a Japanese luxury car from a German one? Settle into your hand-tooled leather seat and fire up the quiz!

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