Quiz: Auto Mechanics 101: Are You a Car Expert?
Auto Mechanics 101: Are You a Car Expert?
By: Robin Tyler
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Cars are simply fascinating, aren't they?

Made from thousands and thousands of parts, they are getting more advanced every year. Particularly when it comes to the thing that makes them go from A to B. 

No, not a global positioning satellite system. The engine! 

Thanks to those mechanical and automotive geniuses over a century ago, we have some unbelievable pieces of machinery on the road today. And although they are much more complicated now, essentially the engine works in much the same way as it always has. 

So do you know your crankshaft from your cambelt? Your spark plug from your glowplug? Your exhaust manifold from your tailpipe? What about your connecting rods from your high tension leads? Do you know the difference? Could you answer a range of questions on auto mechanics, with a few curveballs about auto history thrown in?

Well, then you are in the right place. Make no mistake, this quiz is going to test your auto knowledge to the fullest. Just take your time, look at each answer and pick the right one ... hopefully!

Good luck, you going to need your wits about you and your gray matter in tip-top form! But we have faith! Let's go!

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