Quiz: Test Your Knowledge: Autonomous Cars
Test Your Knowledge: Autonomous Cars
By: Staff
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Let go of the wheel, and let your car do the driving. How much do you know about autonomous cars? Test your knowledge of these driverless vehicles by taking this quiz.

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Ultimately, speed limits for autonomous cars may be what?
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Autonomous cars can drive without what?
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About how many people die every year in car crashes?
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Autonomous cars will most likely appear in which market first?
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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration lists how many technological levels for autonomous cars?
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What is the lowest vehicle automation level at which a human can let the robotic car do all the driving?
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Google's autonomous car probably will not have what feature?
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Which car feature is an example of a level-one robotic capability?
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In which decade did engineers begin experimenting with self-driving cars?
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Why did Google add cushioned materials to the front of its driverless car?
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How many lidar (light detection and ranging) lasers did the first Google car contain?
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Why did the first injurious accident involving a Google driverless car occur?
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About how many car accidents happen each year in the United States?
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Which agency sparked autonomous car development using a highly publicized race?
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What year did Google launch its autonomous car project?
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How many dual-core servers did the Cornell University team need to operate its vehicle in DARPA's 2007 Urban Challenge race?
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The first electric Google car had a range of how many miles?
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How many elements does the Mercedes Attention Assist feature use to monitor a human's driving quality?
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The lowered accident rates from self-driving cars could possibly save about how much money in one year?
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How much prize money did DARPA offer to the team that won its first autonomous car race?
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The electric Google car uses sensors to see about how far?
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A driverless car might have how many electronic control units on board?
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How many teams signed up for DARPA's 2005 Grand Challenge race?
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Aesthetically, how did Google want the exterior of its self-driving car to look?
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How many autonomous vehicles completed the first DARPA Grand Challenge race?
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What is one possible side effect of the mass adoption of autonomous cars?
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According to some experts, replacing all cars with self-driving cars could free up about how many hours per day for commuters?
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What was the average speed of the vehicle that won DARPA's 2007 Urban Challenge?
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In 2016 how much money did President Barack Obama propose to jump-start autonomous vehicle development?
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According to Boston Consulting Group, fully autonomous cars might make up what percentage of cars by 2035?
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