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What does an AV receiver do?

An AV receiver connects all the components in a home entertainment system, including your TV, DVD player, stereo, gaming system and more.

Which of these is a common receiver function?

A receiver handles a wide variety of tasks: powering speakers, tuning radio stations, switching between audio and video components and decoding signals for surround sound.

A receiver connects to components via which of the following?

Inputs and outputs are the physical places to connect components to the receiver via wires.

The number of components that can be connected to a receiver depends on what?

The more inputs and outputs -- or places to connect components to the receiver via wires -- the more components (TV, speakers, iPod, gaming system) the receiver can connect.

In addition to the overall number of connections, what else should a person consider about inputs and outputs?

When shopping for a receiver, consider both the number and type of input/output connections. Most all should be digital connections, which provide better video and audio quality than analog inputs and outputs.

How is an AV receiver's power measured?

Receiver power is measured in watts.

The amount of power needed from a receiver depends on what?

A receiver should be powerful enough to accommodate both the sensitivity of the speakers to which it's connected and the size of the room where the receiver is located.

What does the term speaker sensitivity refer to?

Speaker sensitivity is the number of decibels (volume) a speaker puts out per watt of power.

A receiver's high-current power does what?

High-current power is the ability to reproduce short, powerful sound bursts. A receiver with this feature is better equipped to reproduce these bursts -- often found in action movie explosions and crashes -- than one without it.

How is speaker volume measured?

Speaker volume is measured in decibels.

What does the receiver's power refer to?

Power is measured in watts and refers to both volume and sound quality, or the ability to deliver detailed and dynamic sound.

What does automatic speaker calibration technology do?

The technology allows the receiver to analyze and automatically adjust the sound coming from connected speakers.

In addition to monitoring volume, what else does automatic speaker calibration do?

By sending test tones to the speakers and subwoofer and monitoring the sound using a microphone, the receiver can determine speaker size, measure the distances from each speaker to the listener and check whether the components are properly connected.

Which of these is an iOS device?

Devices such as the iPad and iPod run on an iOS operating system (Apple's operating system).

AirPlay compatibility allows a user to connect which of the following devices with a receiver?

Receivers with AirPlay technology allow the user to wirelessly stream music from iOS devices to the receiver.

What is a receiver interface?

A receiver interface is the on-screen display through which a user sets up and operates the receiver.

What generally determines a receiver's ease of use?

The interface is an AV receiver's on-screen display through which a user sets up and operates the receiver. The easier the interface is to navigate, the easier the receiver should be to use.

What is HDMI short for?

HDMI is an acronym for High-Definition Multimedia Interface. An HDMI connection is the preferred way of connecting high-definition equipment to an AV receiver.

What kind of input/output connection is normally required for 3-D TVs?

Most 3-D TVs require an HDMI connection. Others TVs can be connected either by HDMI, another digital connection or traditional analog connection.

A person whose home entertainment system will be used mostly for music should get which type of receiver?

A stereo receiver is simpler and less expensive than a home theatre receiver, and it's designed to get the best quality sound out of your music.

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