Quiz: Ave Caesar! How Much Do You Know About the Roman Empire?
Ave Caesar! How Much Do You Know About the Roman Empire?
By: Annette
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They came, they saw, they conquered! The Roman Empire was one of the most successful in history. It was bloody, ground-breaking and extraordinary. But how much do you know about the Roman Empire? In this quiz, we'll test your knowledge of this conquering civilization, and if you succeed, you shall feel like a gladiator​!

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How many people could the Colosseum accommodate?
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What did Roman women wear to increase their beauty?
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The Romans inspired which of these modern U.S. icons?
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Romans were the first to use what?
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How many people died at the Colosseum?
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Romans established the habit of building which of these?
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Which of these was a common name for girls?
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Which of these was a common military formation in Rome?
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In Rome ________ was very important.
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Gladiatorial combat is believed to be a substitute for what?
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How many hours were in a Roman day?
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What was the majority of the Roman diet?
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Rome's last emperor​ was overthrown by whom?
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What was the average life expectancy in Rome?
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Which was the largest empire in history?
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Which is the best description of Ancient Rome?
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Which of these best describes the Ancient Roman economy?
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Romans were _____ to slaves.
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Which of these was a Roman delicacy?
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Romans were pioneers at _______?
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In Rome, what was a good sign of leadership?
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Roman charioteers were ________?
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The first ever ______ was built in Rome.
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Instead of toilet paper, Romans used what?
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What tradition took place when an emperor was crowned?
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The Colosseum represents ______ of ancient Rome.
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Roman woman used lead paste to create what?
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Romans bathed themselves with what?
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Women preferred _____ hair.
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The war between the Romans and the Persians lasted for how many years?
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What did Romans use to whiten their teeth?
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Romans were fond of ______ fighting.
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