The Ultimate Avoiding Power Tool Accidents Quiz


According to a Hazard Screening Report by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in 2001 there were more than 400,000 emergency-room injuries related to:

There were over 400,000 injuries related to workshop equipment and power tools in that one year alone.

Why do the majority of power tool-related accidents injure fingers or hands?

Usually, you'll hold the object you're working on with one hand, while the other holds the power tool. This means that, if you slip, your hand gets the brunt of the damage.

After an amputation following a work-related injury, what could be most affected?

After an amputation, your dexterity and mobility could be most affected.

How do sawing injuries occur?

Most sawing injuries are a result of putting your hands too close to the blade or trying to cut a piece of wood that's too small.

To work safely, what should you use to guide the wood through the saw?

Ideally, you should use a push-stick. This will prevent many unnecessary hand injuries.

Why is it important to read the instruction manual of your power tool?

Reading the manual is important so that you can be familiar with the tool and know how to use it safely.

Knowing that the lawnmower and snow blower are outdoor tools makes people:

The fact that they're used outdoors makes people underestimate the potential risk of injury.

What could happen if you reach into a clogged snow blower?

You could remove the obstruction and then the blades could kick back and revolve.

Who else can be injured aside from the tool operator when an accident occurs?

Bystanders nearby can be injured from a power tool accident.

Why are gasoline-powered tools potentially dangerous?

Gasoline-powered tools use a fuel that is highly flammable and whose fumes are explosive.

Which of these is a safe way of working with gasoline?

Keep the area well ventilated, especially when you refill the gasoline.

What kind of shoes should you wear when you work with power tools?

While leather or rubber shoes are also a good choice of footwear, the important thing is that the shoes be closed in the front.

The 2009 Eye Injury Snapshot Project of the American Academy of Ophthalmology found that the ratio of eye injuries to other injuries at home due to power tools was:

In other words, 20 percent of all eye injuries occur at home as a result of power tool injuries.

What is the most common type of eye injury resulting from power tool use?

The most common form is when wood or metal shavings fly into the eye.

What is the American Academy of Ophthalmology recommendation regarding safety when working with power tools?

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, you should use the right protective eyewear.

Why does the president of the Home Safety Council stress consistency?

It seems that you should consistently take appropriate safety measures -- 99 times out of 100 is not good enough.

Is a wound caused by a staple gun considered a puncture wound?

Yes, a staple gun wound is one example of a puncture wound, with a specific entry point into the skin.

Of all the nail-gun injuries treated in the emergency room between 2001 and 2005, what percentage were non-professionals?

Around 40 percent of those nail-gun injuries were by non-professionals.

Will a close-fitting leather construction glove prevent an accident?

No, unfortunately it won't prevent an accident, but it will lessen the blow.

For safety reasons, what is the rule when using a power drill?

It's important not to force it. You only need apply pressure enough to steady it.

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About This Quiz

Power tools are used by professionals and non-professionals alike, both in the home and in workshop environments. But safety is the key to their successful use and your health. With a bit of know-how and adequate safety measures, you can prevent most common power tool accidents. Take this quiz and see how safe your work environment really is.

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