Quiz: Fact or Fiction: Axis & Allies
Fact or Fiction: Axis & Allies
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Axis & Allies is a classic board game that lets you replay the battles of World War II on your dining room table. You might even change history.

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Nations whose armies you can control in Axis & Allies include Finland, Brazil and Egypt.
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Because they're so weak, there's no point in building infantry units.
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Aircraft have the longest range of all the units in the game.
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You win a game of Axis & Allies by destroying every unit owned by your opponents, wiping them off the board utterly.
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Axis & Allies was created by a German game designer.
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Axis & Allies is a classic game because the rules are exactly the same today as when the game was first designed, more than 30 years ago.
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Axis & Allies begins in 1942, almost halfway through the war.
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Axis & Allies was originally released by a small, independent game publisher.
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Units in the game are purchased with play money, in the form of U.S. dollars.
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Every territory in the world belongs to either the Axis ot the Allies at the start of the game.
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Allied nations can stage joint attacks.
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Battles last until one side is wiped out, or until the attacker calls off the attack.
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Unit attack and defense values can change depending on what other units are present.
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There's no way to change your units' abilities.
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In terms of their abilities, all the units in the game are the same from nation to nation.
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The best strategy is reactive, producing new units when they're needed and moving units from place to place as the war shifts.
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Different territories generate different amounts of IPCs, making some worth more than others.
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Axis & Allies is a historically accurate representation of World War II.
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In recent editions, the miniatures that represent U.S. bombers are B-17s, made famous by movies like "Memphis Belle."
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Units in Axis & Allies represent specific historical units.
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