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He's been king of the elephants for nearly a century, but how much do you remember about this beloved royal animal? Take our quiz to find out!

Who wrote the first Babar books?

French artist Jean de Brunhoff created the Babar series. He was inspired by a story his wife, Cecile, told to their sons.


True or false: Jean de Brunhoff wrote his Babar books hoping to strike it rich.

Brunhoff planned for only his two sons to see his work. But when Brunhoff's relative, who also happened to be the editor of French Vogue, learned about the story, he encouraged Brunhoff to publish it.


What year was the first book about Babar published?

The first Babar book came out in France in 1931 and was published in English in 1933 as "The Story of Babar."


How many books did Jean de Brunhoff complete before his death?

Brunhoff published just five Babar books, with two more ready for publication, before he died at age 37.


How old was Laurent de Brunhoff when he completed his father's seventh Babar book?

Laurent de Brunhoff completed the artwork on his father's seventh book when he was just 13 years old.


What year did Laurent publish his first Babar book on his own?

In 1946 at age 21, Laurent took over the Babar series with the release of "Babar's Cousin: That Rascal Arthur."


How many Babar books were sold in the U.S. by 2011?

By 2011 more than 10.1 million books in the Babar series were sold in the U.S., with millions more sold around the world.


Which of these is a frequent criticism of the series?

The Babar series is often criticized for glorifying colonialism and for its depiction of stereotypical natives and savages.


Why did the king of the elephants die in the first Babar book?

The king died after chowing down on a poisoned mushroom. Babar was seen as worldly after returning from the big city, so the other elephants chose him as their new king.


What is the name of Babar's wife?

Babar marries his cousin Celeste, and the entire kingdom is named Celesteville in her honor.


What year do Babar and Celeste become parents?

Babar and Celeste become parents in 1938, when Celeste gives birth to triplets.


Who is NOT one of Babar's triplets?

Celeste and Babar's triplets are named Pom, Flora and Alexander.


What year do Babar and his wife have their fourth and final child?

Babar and Celeste wait a full 50 years before having their fourth child, whom they name Isabella, in 1987.


Where does Flora eventually meet her husband?

Flora meets her husband, an Indian elephant, when he comes to Celesteville for the Celesteville games.


What kills Babar's mother?

Babar runs off to the big city early in the first book after his mother is killed by a poacher.


What species is at war with the elephants in "Babar the King"?

The rhinos and the elephants go to war in the 1933 classic "Babar the King."


What color is Babar's standard suit?

Babar is rarely seen without his distinguished green suit and his royal crown, of course.


What year did the animated "Babar" television series premiere?

The original "Babar" cartoon ran from 1989 to 2002.


What kind of animal is Zephir?

Zephir is Babar's monkey friend. In one early Babar title, Zephir works to save the monkey princess, Isabelle.


How do Babar and Celeste travel the world for their honeymoon?

In the 1934 title "Babar's Travels," Babar and Celeste set off for their honeymoon in a hot-air balloon.


What year was "Babar on Paradise Island" released?

Laurent de Brunhoff drew inspiration from his own Key West, Florida, home for this 2014 title, in which Babar and his family are shipwrecked during a cruise.


Who is the prime minister of Celesteville?

Wise, old Cornelius is prime minister and a trusted advisor to Babar.


What type of animal is Rataxes?

Lord Rataxes is head rhino in Rhinoland, where Babar is a frequent visitor.


What is the name of Lord Rataxes' assistant?

Basil is a security chief and Lord Rataxes' right-hand man.


What is the name of Babar's troublemaking brother?

Mischief-loving Arthur is Celeste's brother and uncle to Babar's four children.


Who is the best cook in all of Celesteville?

Truffles the palace chef is the best cook in the village.


What is the name of Babar's grandson, who first appeared in a 2010 animated series?

"Babar and the Adventures of Badou" tells the story of Babar's grandson, Badou.


What is Badou's favorite saying?

The young Badou often expresses his excitement by exclaiming "tusk-tastic!"


What kind of animal is Chiku?

Fast-talking Chiku is a monkey like her dad, Zephir.


What sport does Babar demonstrate, according to a 2002 book?

In "Babar's Yoga for Elephants," readers learn that not only do elephants love yoga, but they actually invented it way back in the days of cave painting.


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