Quiz: Puppies and Goslings and Lambs, Oh My! The Baby Animals Quiz
Puppies and Goslings and Lambs, Oh My! The Baby Animals Quiz
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Are you ready to overdose on adorable animal trivia? And we’re not talking just any adorable animals -- we’re talking about fuzzy-wuzzy baby animals. How much do you know about their names, care, habits and literary counterparts?

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The baby of which common wild mammal is called a joey?
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In the Woody Guthrie song “Get Along Little Dogies,” what type of baby animal is he referring to?
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What do you call a group of non-species-specific young animals that stay together for protection?
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What’s the term for the stage where caterpillars change into butterflies?
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Why do baby Komodo dragons spend so much time living in trees?
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Which infant animal falls nearly 6 feet (1.8 meters) to the ground when born?
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How long does it take for a baby elephant to gestate?
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Which baby sea creature has a name that sounds like something you'd do if you discovered you'd accidentally swallowed a mouthful of them while swimming?
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If you give your kids this baby animal, you’re going to need a brooder.
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I saw a leveret running across the lawn yesterday. What young animal did I see?
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What percentage of pygmy marmosets give birth to twins?
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Are baby hedgehogs born with or without quills?
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In the famous book by Beatrix Potter, “The Tale of Peter Rabbit,” which rabbit was NOT one of Peter’s sisters?
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Are Bengal tigers' eyes always golden?
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Which animal’s newborns are called puggles?
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In the story “The Ugly Duckling,” what type of animal did the duckling in question grow up to be?
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What do you call a baby panda?
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How many days old must a baby kangaroo be before he can leave his mother’s pouch?
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The book and movie titled “Born Free” chronicled a couple who took in and raised a wild baby animal. What kind of animal was it?
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Why do humans find baby animals are so irresistibly cute?
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