Quiz: Baby Boomers: Are You a True Boomer?
Baby Boomers: Are You a True Boomer?
By: Brian W
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About This Quiz

The Baby Boomer generation is arguably the most powerful generation around. A lot of our business leaders and top politicians are from this age group. If you are one of this crew, there are a lot of things then you might do just a tad different then the rest of us.

But being a boomer is more than just how old you are. It is not just about age; its' a state of mind. If you are really a boomer, you grew up watching a black and white TV, well before the dawn of cable. Your parents think you are a genius when it comes to technology, but your kids think you don't know anything about it at all. 

You are not sure if a "blog" is the same thing as a "weblog," you know how to double dutch, and you have no idea why it is so hard to find a payphone these days. If you are a guy, you are probably a pretty decent golfer or used to be, and if you are a woman you probably either have a bunch of diamonds, or you really wish you did.

So what about you? Do you think you can roll with the boomers? It isn't as easy as it looks. Find out by taking this quiz.

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