Quiz: Baby Boomers: Do You Know How The Average American Has Changed Since the '60s?
Baby Boomers: Do You Know How The Average American Has Changed Since the '60s?
By: Abi Luftig
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"Kids these days" often make jokes about their parents and grandparents telling stories that begin with "back in my day." But, how much has the world changed since their day?

With approximately 76 million people belonging to the Baby Boomer generation, that's a lot of people remembering how things were back in their days. And while everyone's story is different because people are all unique, there has always been a majority that has come to represent the average American. But change is the only constant in the world, and people have changed. What was life really like for the average American in the 1960s? What is that average American like now?

Was the 1960s the time for the Average Joe or the Average Jane? Is the current average American more or less educated than their '60s counterpart? Is living on the minimum wage easier now or was it easier then? Is today's average American more likely to own their own home than they would have been 50 years ago? Baby Boomers who love to talk about how things have changed, here's your chance to prove how much you know about those changes! Test your knowledge here to see if you can tell the difference between the John and Joan Q. Public of the 1960s and their children of the present day!

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