Quiz: Baby Boomers Should Be Able to Name These Discontinued Candies. Can You?
Baby Boomers Should Be Able to Name These Discontinued Candies. Can You?
By: Kennita Leon
Image: Mars, Inc.

About This Quiz

Like that famous song said, some good things never last, whether it be a good time, a great relationship or a sweet so good that it literally made your mouth water. 

Many treats that exist today have been around for quite some time, but there were more than a few that were so beloved that they are still talked about today, with people who had the opportunity to sample them petitioning to bring them back. But whether they do or not isn't why we're here. We want to see if you can name some of the most popular discontinued candies from their pictures. 

These candies were put out of production for a variety of reasons that included but are not limited to a decline in sales, the creators finding something new or better or because rumors destroyed the reputation of the treat. But not all suffered the fate of being gone permanently; some have been given new life recently -- new wrappers, new branding, new ingredients -- the works! But we want to see if you can remember the original versions in this quiz. 

If you're a baby boomer or just a huge candy fan, test your knowledge of these long-gone candies. 

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This treat was part of the Sugar Daddy candies. Do you know what it was called?
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This was a candy that functioned as a licorice and a breath freshener. Can you tell us what it was called?
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"________, best nickel candy there iz-z" was its slogan. Do you know which candy is being talked about here?
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This product has no ice cream, but it did have malted nougat, caramel and milk chocolate. Do you know its name?
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This cylindrical candy used to come packaged in gold foil. What was it called?
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The dairy product in its name wasn't an ingredient, but it did have nuts. Which candy are we referring to?
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Caramel, fudge, nuts and chocolate are the main ingredients in this treat. Can you tell us its name?
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Part of its slogan was "Bonks you out."Can you figure out its name based on those words and its picture?
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This bar of chocolate had three layers. What was it known as in the '60s and '70s?
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This candy had a specific number of chocolate "pillows," each of which had their own flavor. Can you tell us what it was called?
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Named after a soda, can you tell us what this chewy treat was called?
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What was the name of this candy which came in four and two-finger versions?
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This caramel bar was braided and was eight inches long. What was its name?
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A breath mint encased in a layer of dried and fermented cocoa beans is what this is. Can you tell us its name?
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This treat oozed from its tube and came in many fruit flavors. Which of the following candies are we talking about?
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This type of candy was discontinued and replaced by Twizzlers -- its direct competition. What was it called?
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Which two-in-one candy was a tasty treat one moment and a toy the next?
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This candy was discontinued because the creator disliked peanut butter. Do you know what it's called?
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This round chocolate had a toy in the center. What name did it go by?
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This chocolate combined a biscuit and a dairy product, hence its name. What do you think it was?
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This bar was made with the color chocolate in its name. Can you tell us what it is?
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This chocolate's downfall happened when its creators tried to make it just like Twix. What do you think it was?
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This bar was a mix of wafer, peanuts and chocolate. Can you tell us its name?
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This candy was a kind of popping powder that was released in the late seventies. Can you tell us what name it went by?
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This treat was balls of chocolate that melted when touched. Do you recall what its name was?
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