The Ultimate Back Pain Treatments Quiz


What is the aim of physical therapy?

Physical therapy aims to help the patient take control of their condition and return to a normal routine.

Which of the following can be affected by pain?

Pain can affect a person's gait, posture, sitting tolerance, flexibility and muscle strength.

Which of the following is included in an assessment by a physical therapist?

A physical therapist assesses a patient's overall health and how it has been affected by pain, in addition to the patient's attitude and their usual activities and routine.

How quickly would you expect to see improvement with physical therapy?

Gradual improvement is the key to physical therapy, so that no further damage occurs as a result of the treatment. It also gives the best chance of long-term success for the patient.

Nerve blocks are used to block pain emanating from a nerve. What sort of nerve is a nerve block used on?

Most nerve blocks are very precise and target a specific, identifiable nerve at the source of the pain. However, some nerve blocks target broader areas.

What is usually injected during a nerve block?

Local anesthetic or an anti-inflammatory medication is usually injected during a nerve block. Local anesthetic is given in small doses so that pain is reduced but other functions, such as movement, are not affected.

What was the nerve block originally developed for?

The nerve block was first used for surgery.

How long are nerve blocks effective for relieving pain?

The pain relief from a nerve blocks is usually only effective in the short-term, lasting weeks or even just hours. However, the effect of reducing inflammation or turning off some of the pain signals can last longer.

What type of nerve block do many pain management centers depend on?

The epidural steroid injection is a dependable and durable injection used by many pain management centers. Medication is delivered into the space surrounding the spinal cord, called the epidural space, which may be irritated or inflamed.

What does back surgery aim to do?

Back surgery usually aims to treat neurological symptoms such as numbness or weakness.

How does back surgery improve neurological symptoms?

Back surgery usually helps to stop the progression of neurological problems. It often does not help with pain.

What is usually done during back surgery?

Back surgery usually involves structural repairs to relieve pressure on the spinal cord.

What is the term given to the leaking out of the jelly-like substance inside an intervertebral disk?

Herniation is when an intervertebral disk leaks. The jelly-like substance that escapes is very irritating to surrounding tissues and nerves. It can be cleared out during surgery, but most people recover with time from a disk herniation without needing surgery.

What is radiculopathy?

Pain coming from a nerve root is called radiculopathy. A laminectomy is done to relieve obstruction of a nerve root which may be causing this pain.

Which of the following is used during an open surgical procedure?

An open procedure refers to major, invasive surgery that requires a large skin incision and a general anesthetic.

Besides for back surgery, what other types of surgeries is fiber-optic technology used for?

During fiber-optic surgery, a very small fiber-optic scope is placed into the area being operated on through a small incision. This allows the surgeon to visualize the area without having to make a big incision to see inside. Back surgery using fiber-optics is called a microdiscectomy. Fiber-optics is also used for gall bladder and knee surgery.

Why are herniated disks often not surgically repaired?

A study has shown that many people who display disk herniations on an MRI have no symptoms or pain. In addition, sometimes herniated disks appear on the MRI of people with severe back pain but are not the source of the pain. Careful consideration must be taken before jumping into surgery for herniated disks.

What is used as part of radiofrequency treatment for back pain?

During radiofrequency treatment, electricity is used to produce heat in the area where the pain is coming from.

What does radiofrequency do as part of the pain relieving process?

Radiofrequency causes damage as part of a technique aimed at stimulating the healing process in the affected area. This also makes the procedure somewhat risky and it should be performed very carefully.

What is done during laminectomy?

A laminectomy is done to relieve obstruction of a nerve root by removing the lamina, a part of the vertebrae, to relieve pressure on the nerve root.

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