Quiz: Backcountry Cooking: Are you prepared?
Backcountry Cooking: Are you prepared?
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Going on a camping trip? Definitely meal plan ahead of time because you don’t want to wind up snacking on fire-roasted squirrel for days on end! Campside food can actually be an enjoyable experience if you pack just the right equipment, seasoning and tools.

If you must survive largely on items you carry in your pack or catch in the wild, choose snacks and foodstuffs that are dehydrated so they’ll fit compactly in your backpack. Such food can be quickly cooked using only water, and will certainly complement that wild-caught fish. Small tins of canned meats, fish and other high-protein foods, as well as carbohydrates like rice are recommended for campers, especially if you plan on a lot of activity, like hiking.

If you are going to be staying in the same spot and it’s not too far from your car you’ll have the luxury of coming with a stocked supply, but be careful to mind storage recommendations. The last thing you want is to attract hungry wildlife to the place where you’re sleeping!

Great camp cooking requires more than a stick and a pack of jet-puffed marshmallows. Take our quiz to see if you've got the tools it takes to move your cuisine from the kitchen to the backcountry.

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