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Do you always boast to friends and family that you actually know the most about bacon? Back up your bacon bragging rights by answering these 20 questions about the most delicious porcine treat.

It turns out that bacon isn't the same bacon everywhere. What is it about American bacon that's different from other nations' flat pork products?

Only the U.S. gets bacon from the belly.


How many restaurants in the U.S. serve bacon?

Sixty-two percent of the restaurants in the States have bacon on their menu, according to a report on bacon trends from the National Pork Board.


What is NOT a name for bacon in a foreign language?

Ask for speck in Germany and lard sale en Francais when you need some pork in your life.


What is one non-pork "bacon" product offered on the Japanese market?

Whale bacon is a fatty cut of whale meat -- and it reportedly is much gamier than seafood.


A 2013 study published in the journal BMC Medicine linked processed meats to premature death. How much bacon would you have to eat per day to hit the limit tested in the study?

Lucky for you, you probably don't eat 1.5 packages of bacon a day. And if you do, you should probably not be surprised it's a bit much. Watch out if you're throwing sausages and hot dogs into the mix, too.


What's a rasher?

In British parlance, a slice of bacon is a rasher. But remember, British bacon is more akin to a slice of American ham, a combo of pork loin and pork belly.


What is NOT something you need to do when preparing bacon from scratch?

While you definitely need to salt and cure the bacon, adding a glaze is up to you.


What ancient culture brought us bacon?

Can't you just see Caligula chowing down on fistfuls of bacon -- or petaso, as it was called at that time? The Chinese also were early bacon enthusiasts.


In what era did the British get the smart idea to begin breeding pigs for bacon?

All the way back in the Saxon era (in the 11th or so century), the British were domesticating pigs for eventual bacon retrieval.


What common phrase came about because of bacon's popularity?

Gnawing on a fatty piece of bacon while visiting friends became synonymous with chatting at length with pals.


What's "streaky" bacon?

Because U.S. bacon comes from the blubbery belly, almost all of it is "streaky" with fat. In Britain, you'd need to specify you want streaky bacon if you don't want rashers from the loin.


Why are nitrates added to bacon?

Nitrates both kill bacteria and preserve color. Keep in mind that even "no-nitrate" bacon has nitrates. They're just "naturally occurring" nitrates from something like celery salt.


What percentage of Canadians would rather eat bacon than get it on?

In what was surely not the most rigorously scientific survey ever recorded, 43 percent of Canadians said they would rather eat bacon than spend intimate time with anyone. The poll was conducted by Maple Leaf Foods, a Canadian food processing company.


Here's a tricky question. Pork has been called the other white meat. Does that mean bacon is considered white meat?

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, bacon is classified as red meat, since it comes from the belly of pigs, and all livestock fall under the category of "red meat."


What kind of pig is NOT called a "bacon breed" in England?

While we all wish Porky Pig were a breed we could keep in the backyard, it's the Yorkshire and Tamworth that are generally regarded as the English bacon-producing pigs.


What is the No. 1 bacon-consuming city in the United States?

New York comes in first, no doubt panting from overindulging in pork. LA is second, and Atlanta just makes it to the top 10, according to a 2010 report from the American Meat Institute.


What treat has NOT been offered on a fast-food menu in the United States?

Burger King has tried to tempt customers with a bacon sundae, while Jack in the Box wafted a bacon milkshake their way. No word on the bacon apple pie. Yet.


OK, it's not necessarily a bacon question, but let's recognize the pigs who give us the good stuff. Where do more than half the world's pigs live?

While we can't say whether the pigs are living it up a la "Charlotte's Web," we do know that half the world's pigs live in China.


What pork-related deity is worshipped in some corners of the world?

While he's technically the patron saint of pigs or livestock in general, we can totally extrapolate that you can pray to St. Anthony if you really want a bacon sandwich in the morning.


J&D's Foods is largely responsible for the "make it bacon" craze. Give the company credit for things like Baconnaise, in addition to bacon sunscreen and bacon shaving cream. How did J&D's Foods bankroll its operation at the outset?

You betcha -- one of the company's founders won $5,000 on "America's Funniest Home Videos." (His son hit him the face with a whiffle ball.) And that's how bacon lube came to be.


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