Quiz: 'Everyone Says It So It Must Be True': The Pseudoscience Quiz
'Everyone Says It So It Must Be True': The Pseudoscience Quiz
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About This Quiz

You don't have to know what the Krebs Cycle is in order to be successful in life, but your ability to discern fact from fiction in the field of sciences can have a real impact on your quality of life. Unfortunately, there are several reasons why belief in pseudoscience is on the rise.

Whether it's false information filling our social media feeds or shady profiteers selling the latest too-good-to-be-true products, it can be easy to fall for pseudoscience that is packaged well. You've probably fallen for a few of these fictitious scientific-sounding concepts already!

There's also the "backfire effect." Believe it or not, presenting people with facts that contradict their preferred, albeit incorrect, beliefs actually causes them to dig in deeper when defending their ideas about the world. People respond with knee-jerk reactions based on emotions rather than consider that they could be wrong.

Is there any help for this conundrum? Will we ever dig our way out of this pseudoscience hole? Be part of the solution -- take our quiz now!

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True or false: Scientists have proven that childhood vaccines cause autism.
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True or false: Non-avian dinosaurs and humans lived on Earth at the same time.
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True or false: You lose most of your body heat through your head.
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True or false: A scientific theory is really just speculation without hard evidence.
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When Christopher Columbus left to sail the ocean blue, did everyone believe the world was flat?
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Does lightning ever strike the same place twice?
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What color is your brain?
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What color is the blood inside your veins?
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Can brain cells regenerate?
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Did humans evolve from the ape species we see on earth today?
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True or false: If an error occurs during an experiment, the results are worthless.
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Is the Great Wall of China visible from space?
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If a penny fell from the top of the Empire State Building and hit a person on the ground, what would happen to that person?
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True or false: Astronauts are weightless when they orbit Earth.
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What happens to hair when it regrows after you shave it?
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Was the ancient Maya civilization destroyed by climate change?
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True or false: A gluten-free diet is more nutritious.
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True or false: Fossil fuels, burned by humans, don’t actually increase the amount of carbon on Earth.
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If you're standing at the equator, do you move faster or slower than someone to the north or south?
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What is the brightest star in the sky?
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Diamonds are formed from what substance?
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What percent of your brain do you actually use?
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Antarctica's ice sheet is changing in what way?
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When plastic trash is thrown into the ocean, what happens to it?
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What influences the direction of a toilet flushing?
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True or false: The Moon has a dark side.
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True or false: The hole in the ozone layer and global warming are two completely different things.
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True of false: The more someone's brain weighs, the smarter they are.
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In a fusion reaction, what do hydrogen atoms combine to form?
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