Quiz: The Ultimate Batmobile Quiz
The Ultimate Batmobile Quiz
By: Staff
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Batman doesn't just travel in any old clunky car; he rides in superhero style in his custom-built Batmobile, a jet-powered vehicle that matches his black Batsuit. How exactly did they build it? How fast could it go? And how did they get it to jump 30 feet without being damaged?

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How much does the Batmobile weigh?
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Which of the following is not a Batmobile driving position?
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The Batmobile's creator built the model for the real Batmobile on a ______ scale.
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After a scale model was designed, a full-sized model of the Batmobile was built from:
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To play its role in the film "Batman Begins," the actual Batmobile had to accelerate from zero to 60 in:
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In what city were the car scenes involving the Batmobile filmed for "Batman Begins"?
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The Batmobile's rear tires measured:
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How much did each street-ready Batmobile used in filming cost to build?
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Which of the following models was used in the scenes in which the Batmobile travels between buildings?
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