Quiz: Battle of Kursk: The Eastern Front Explodes
Battle of Kursk: The Eastern Front Explodes
By: Nathan Chandler
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The Nazis were wounded but driven to capture Soviet lands before the Allies inevitably launched an attack on the Western Front. How much do you know about the Battle of Kursk?

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Which army went on the offensive at the Battle of Kursk?
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When did the battle begin?
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The Soviets had very little information regarding the German offensive.
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What was the code name for the German offensive?
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How long did Operation Citadel last?
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The Germans hoped that their offensive would surround and break how many Soviet armies?
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How many men did Germany commit to Operation Citadel?
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How many men did the Soviets deploy at the beginning of the battle?
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Which side had the advantage in numbers of artillery guns?
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When the Germans started the offensive, what percentage of their Eastern Front air force was intact?
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Who won the battle?
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How many total warplanes took part in the Battle of Kursk?
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Why did German Gen. Erich von Manstein want to begin the offensive as soon as possible?
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What was the weather like during the battle?
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Before the battle began, the Soviets dug how many miles of trenches?
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Operation Kutuzov was meant to help the Soviets liberate which city?
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How many tanks did the Soviets lose during Operation Kutuzov?
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As the Soviets gained ground during Operation Kutuzov, how did Hitler respond?
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How many mines did the Soviets plant in order to ward off the German assault?
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Where was the Lucy Spy Ring located?
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Before the battle, what was the German intelligence estimation of Soviet forces?
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Who was the head of the Lucy Spy Ring?
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Operation Rumyantsev liberated which Soviet city?
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An attack on the Western Front contributed to Germany's decision to withdraw from the battle. Where did the Allies attack?
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How many counter-offensives did the Soviets launch during the battle?
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How many tanks did the Soviets lose during the battle?
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Who was responsible for making the decisions that led to the German defeat?
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After the battle, the Germans never again seemed capable of winning the Eastern Front.
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How many Soviet soldiers were killed during Operation Kutuzov?
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