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Human colonies existed in relative peace until they are confronted by crazed machines. How much do you know about the Cylons in "Battlestar Galactica?"

In the original series, what sort of species are the Cylons?

And they really do not like the meddlesome humans.


Why do the Cylons create a huge number of robots?

The reptile creators die off and leave a massive population of robots that are referred to as Cylons.


Why do the Cylons wage war with humans in the original series?

The Cylons had enslaved the Hasaris, who turned to humans for help.


In the reimagined series, who creates the Cylons?

As with real-world robots, humans created the Cylons to assist with laborious tasks.


Cylon Basestars use what kind of propulsion system?

No real-world reactionless drive has ever been successfully created.


IL-Series Cylons are designed for what task?

These Cylons have beautiful sparkly robes that belie their deadly intent.


How many brains does a Cylon Imperious Leader have?

And if one leader is destroyed, another simply steps in to take its place.


In the reimagined series, what was the result of the First Cylon War?

They fought to a stalemate and for four decades there was little contact between the two.


What phrase do Cylons utter when they are confirming commands from their superiors?

Their robotic obedience often makes them formidable foes against the humans.


In the reimagined series, what do the Cyclons look like at the beginning of the Second Cylon War?

Their new appearance makes them much harder to detect.


For the Cylons, what is the goal of the Second Cylon War?

The Cylon leaders make it clear that they will leave no survivors.


What color are low-level Centurion Cylons?

These Cylons make up the bulk of the robot race's fighting forces.


How many human colonies do the Cylons wind up destroying during the Second Cylon War?

There is a thirteenth colony, though, one that becomes a thorn in the side of the Cylons.


What does Cylon stand for in the reimagined series?

Sometimes the humans call them "skin jobs" for their humanoid appearance.


Compared to human Viper fighters, how powerful are Cylon Raider attack ships?

Raider weapons are extremely potent…but the Cylons don't have sneaky human brains.


In the reimagined series, how do the Cylons destroy each of the colonies?

The bombs have the side effect of making the planets nearly unusable, even for the Cylons.


In the original series, how many types of Cylons are there?

And all of them are geared mostly towards making war.


About how many Raiders can a single Cylon Basestar carry?

The Basestars also have plenty of heavy-duty weapons, such as Mega-Pulsars.


For what purpose did the Cylons use the Ovions?

The poor Ovians were resigned to their fates on the planet Carillon.


What happens to a "boxed" Cylon?

Some Cylons become hazardous to the community and are thus turned off.


How many different humanoid models of Cylons were there in the reimagined series?

But only the "significant seven" comprise Cylon communities


Which Cylon ships are the most dangerous to approach?

They are armed to the teeth and pose a huge threat to human ships.


There were originally 13 types of Cylons. Which number of the Cyclons was made extinct?

A One kills off the Sevens for good


In the reimagined series, some Cylons may be infected by diseases.

They may look just like humans, and a side effect is that their bodies are susceptible to illnesses, too.


What is the goal of the Cylon society?

And if another species doesn't fit into their plans, watch out.


In the original series, what does Count Baltar do to his fellow humans?

He feigns a peace agreement and sets up the humans for a slaughter in return for a leadership position in the subsequent Cylon empire.


Which Cylon ship weapon was the least effective at long range?

They were best for attacks in close proximity.


What do humans sometimes call the Cylons?

It's not used as a term of endearment.


In the original series, which type of Cylon commands the Basestars?

These shiny gold robots are the ones that carry out homicidal missions against humans.


Which of the 12 Cylons is the youngest in appearance?

Usually this one goes by the name "Sharon."


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