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Before the apocalypse, these worlds were home to billions of humans. How much do you know about "Battlestar Galactica's" Twelve Colonies?

In the 2004 TV series, how many stars are there in the system where the colonies reside?

The stars are paired off and surrounded by the 12 colony homeworlds.


Which colony often gets credit for creating a resurgence in humankind's technologies?

This is one of the most successful colonies, which was a cultural hub for the human race.


In the older series, how many stars are in the system in which the colonies reside?

And there are two groups of colonies (Inner and Outer), each orbiting a different star.


In the reimagined series, why did humans create the Cylons?

Unfortunately, the Cylons decide to attack the Colonies and destroy them.


What is the capital of Caprica?

The capital is mentioned in both the old and new versions of the show.


In the 2004 series, which colony is known for its high levels of religious devotion?

Priests were the first settlers on this colony, helping to shape its religious leanings.


About how many people were killed in the fall of the Twelve Colonies?

Regardless of the number, the devastation was overwhelming.


In the 2004 series, on which colony was terrorism rampant?

Meddling by the other colonies led to constant power struggles ending in violence.


For how long were the Twelve Colonies united under a central government before the Second Cylon War?

Before then, they were only loosely allied and often conflicted with one another.


About how many survivors were there after the fall of the colonies?

The ragtag bunch sets off looking for refuge from their attackers.


What color does NOT appear on the Colonial seal?

It features red, white, blue and gold.


In the 2004 show, which colony is oppressed and abused?

It is described as an impoverished colony with all sorts of problems.


In the 2004 series, which colony's planet is the largest?

Leonis had great weather and its colony was known as prosperous and well-educated.


The Otori Sect hails from which colony?

The religious group is known particular for its ultra-conservative stance on interaction between the sexes.


What is the name of the lost Thirteenth Colony?

The lost colony takes on mythical status among the other Twelve Colonies.


In the 2004 show, which colony is known as the "food basket" of the Colonies?

It has a reputation for subpar soil, but it has plentiful rain that benefits agriculture.


Robber comes from which colony?

You can pick out people from Aeries because they have accents that sound somewhat Irish.


Hades is the capital of which colony?

In spite of its ominous name, Hades is known for its democratic institutions.


In the 2004 series, "The Playground of the Colonies" refers to which colony?

If you don't like humidity, stay away from Scorpia, which is largely tropical.


What are "cubits?"

In the show, they are square and gold colored.


What is the nickname for Picon's pyramid team?

Pyramid, of course, is the most popular sport in the Colonies.


What is the capital of Gemenon?

Gemenon is known as "The First Colony."


Which colony has a reputation for maintaining the best defenses?

Commander Adama has stated that he thinks Sagitara could best fend off attacks.


What is the Quorum of Twelve?

Each colony had one representative to speak for them.


In the 2004 series, which colony is known as "The Largest Democracy?"

For more than 1,000 years it had a democracy guided by a constitution.


In the 2004 show, Ares is the patron god of which colony?

Ares is known on Earth as the Greek god of war.


Who are the "blackshirts?"

The blackshirts often clash with regular forces on matters of security.


If you're on this reddish, dry planet, you're likely on which colony?

Its reddish desert environment is reminiscent of Mars.


In the 2004 series, which colony has the largest population?

It is home to nearly 7 billion people.


On which colony was the city named Bloustad?

Virgon is "The Blue Colony" and Bloustad is the "blue city."


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