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Think you're a Beatles buff? Take this quiz to find out if you can think for yourself, or if you need a little help from your friends when it comes to knowing your Fab Four albums.

Alright, let's start at the beginning. What was the Beatles' first studio album?

In March 1963, the Beatles released their first album in the UK.


Who has a writing credit on "Please Please Me?"

King co-wrote "Chains" and Bacharach contributed to "Baby It's You."


What was the first Beatles single?

"Love Me Do" was released in the UK in 1962; the B-side was "P.S. I Love You."


What song did the Beatles cover on the first track of the B-side to their second studio album, "With the Beatles?"

The Beatles owed a lot to Chuck Berry's style.


Outside of Europe, where was the first Beatles album released?

Yup, the Beatles made their way to Canada before the U.S.


The Canadian release of "With the Beatles" included what exclamatory phrase added on?

Because the kids love exclamation points.


What was the Beatles debut release in France called?

Keeping it simple, the French release was just "The Beatles," en francais.


Before they ever saw a release as the Beatles, the group appeared as the backing band on another artist's album under what name?

The Beat Brothers appeared on Tony Sheridan's 1962 album as the backing band; they all knew each other from their Hamburg days.


There is a rare Beatles album that purports to be live recordings, but is in fact just re-released studio songs. What's it called?

The record label that released it in 1964 briefly held rights to some Beatles songs and cashed in by combining it with another singer's tracks — and implying they were all live by adding "The Beatles and Frank Ifield On Stage" to the title.


What was the name of the Beatles' U.S. Capitol Records debut that went on to become five times platinum?

And history was made.


What was technically the first Beatles album released in the U.S.?

Due to some complicated rights issues, Vee-Jay Records released "Introducing ... The Beatles" 10 days before Capitol Records released the bigger smash, "Meet the Beatles."


Capitol Records followed "Meet the Beatles" with "The Beatles' Second Album," but how was that title a bit misleading?

Hoping to get some more sales, the album was actually a mix of old stuff.


What year did "A Hard Day's Night" come out?

1964 was pretty much the Beatles' year.


What Beatles album was the first to have only Lennon/McCartney songwriting credits?

There weren't any covers on "A Hard Day's Night."


On what song did George Harrison take lead vocals on "Hard Day's Night?"

George had contributed a couple of lead vocals on previous albums as well.


What was the name of the U.S. album release that closely matched the UK's "Beatles for Sale?"

It's a bit complicated, but U.S./UK releases had different titles and slightly different tracks.


Ringo Starr sings lead vocals on what song from "Help!"?

Ringo gets his time to shine.


What song was on the album "Help!" but not in the film?

Although "Act Naturally" gave a cheeky nod to being in the movies, it wasn't in the film at all.


What two Beatles albums were released in 1967?

Both "Sgt. Pepper" and "Magical Mystery Tour" made their debut in 1967.


On which album did "Yellow Submarine" first appear?

While "Yellow Submarine" was also the name of the Beatle's soundtrack to their animated film in 1969, the song first appeared three years earlier on "Revolver."


On what album does "I Am The Walrus" appear?

"Magical Mystery Tour" is also the soundtrack to the very curious television special the Beatles released on Boxing Day in 1967.


What song from "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" has an exclamation point in the title?

"Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!" is based on an actual 19th century circus poster.


What was the last album recorded by the Beatles?

Surprise! Although "Let It Be" was released after "Abbey Road," it was recorded first.


What's the last song on the last Beatle's album?

"Get Back" is the last song on "Let It Be."


What's "The White Album" really called?

Technically, the stark decorated album is called "The Beatles."


What's the longest track on "The White Album?"

While it didn't get much radio play, the seven-minute long "Hey Jude" was also released as a single.


Whose is credited with backing vocals on "Let It Be?"

Paul's wife sang on the song "Let It Be."


What album did Phil Spector help produce?

Paul was not thrilled with Spector's input and later released "Let it Be … Naked" to showcase his own ideas of what the album should've been like.


What's the best-selling Beatles album of all time (aside from anthologies) in the U.S., according to the RIAA?

The White Album has gone 19x platinum.


What Beatles' album has sold the most worldwide?

The world's favorite Beatles' album is "Sgt. Pepper."


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