Quiz: The Benjamin Franklin Quiz
The Benjamin Franklin Quiz
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Inventor, statesman, writer and notorious prankster Benjamin Franklin is often called "the first American" for his myriad contributions to life in the early United States. Can you ace our quiz on Ben?

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Where was Benjamin Franklin born?
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Was Franklin ever president of the United States?
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What was his father's occupation?
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How many siblings did he have?
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How many years of formal education did Franklin complete?
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What was Franklin's worst subject in his brief stint at school?
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What did Franklin want to be when he grew up?
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At the age of 12, Franklin was apprenticed to his brother in what kind of shop?
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While working for his brother, Franklin secretly wrote letters to the newspaper under this name.
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Where did Franklin go when he quit the print shop?
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What was the name of the newspaper that Franklin ran in Philadelphia?
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In 1737, the Pennsylvania Gazette published Franklin's list of more than 200 synonyms for this word.
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Did Franklin own slaves?
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Which of these terms did Franklin NOT coin?
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Franklin devised a new phonetic alphabet that would do away with the letters C, J, W, Y, Q and __.
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For how many years of his life did Franklin live overseas?
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What discovery did Franklin make that cut two weeks off travel time across the Atlantic?
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Which bird did Franklin argue might be a better national symbol than the eagle?
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In 1775, Franklin became the first person to hold this position in the United States.
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What was the name of the philosophical club that Franklin started in Philadelphia?
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In 1747, Franklin anonymously wrote a fictional story about this woman, who was prosecuted for having a child out of wedlock.
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Franklin had quite a fondness for pseudonyms. What was another?
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Most of Franklin's famous sayings were first published in the almanac. This was NOT one of them.
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Bach and Beethoven composed pieces on this now-obscure instrument that Franklin invented.
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Franklin was an unlikely trendsetter when he moved to Paris toward the end of his life. What was one item that he made fashionable?
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In 1783, Franklin negotiated this treaty, which ended the Revolution.
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Franklin's son William was the governor of this state.
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At what age did Franklin become a self-proclaimed "gentleman of leisure?"
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Which college did Franklin NOT have a hand in founding?
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In 1968, Franklin was inducted into the hall of fame for this sport.
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