Quiz: Which Biblical Woman Is Most Like You?
Which Biblical Woman Is Most Like You?
By: Torrance Grey
Image: Getty Images via PaulCalbar

About This Quiz

If you grew up reading the Bible, it's likely that you know a bit about its famous women, and aspire to be like some of them. Perhaps you have a particular favorite that you emulate. But this is a trickier topic than it at first appears. Consider what are probably the two most famous women of the Bible: Eve, the mother of humankind, and Mary, the virgin mother of Jesus. Who would want to emulate the woman responsible for humanity's fall from grace? But, on the other hand, comparing yourself to the Blessed Virgin, the Mother of Jesus, seems just a little arrogant.

Let's look elsewhere! There's a lot to admire about the matriarchs of Genesis - Sarah, Rebekah and Rachel. They too had their flaws, though. Sarah went along with her husband's idea that she should pose as his sister, not his wife, to placate a jealous king. This bit of dishonesty led her to be, however briefly, taken into a king's harem - a situation God had to straighten out by sending the king a dream. Rebekah was a loving mother but she played favorites, helping Jacob trick his father and win his father's blessing in place of his older brother Esau. Rachel was likewise a loving mother, but oddly enough, she stole her father's household gods when she and Jacob left his home, stuffing them under her saddle. 

Hey, nobody's perfect! Sadly, the wisest and least impeachable women of the Bible - like the prophetess Huldah in Kings or the early church leader Priscilla, tend to get the least ink. So for this quiz, we've chosen some well-known, though not quite perfect, women of the Bible as a basis for comparison. Which do you most resemble? Find out now!

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A perfect weekend has to include what?

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If you'd had to sign up for a sport in school, what would you have chosen?

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Which of these diets might you try?

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Which of these spectator sports would you mostly likely watch?

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If you were to color your hair, what color would you probably choose?

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You've come into a little money, just enough to remodel one room in your home. Which will you choose?

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Which of these female historical figures do you most admire?

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