Quiz: The Biofuel Quiz
The Biofuel Quiz
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What do vegetable oil, corn and salt water have in common? They're all potential fuel sources for our cars. See how much you know about the next generation of biofuels in our Biofuel Quiz.

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All biofuels are made from:
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Which of the following is not a potential biofuel?
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With B20 biodiesel, the "20" indicates the percentage of what?
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Ethanol refers to any biofuel made from:
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What's the primary source of biodiesel?
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When was vegetable oil first proven as a fuel source?
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When were algae first explored as a fuel alternative?
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How many gallons of biodiesel could a 100-acre (40-hectare) algae biodiesel plant potentially produce in a year?
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Which of the following is not one of the criticisms of biofuel?
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In Brazil, what's the main source of ethanol?
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