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Plenty of people stick to plain old meat and potatoes, but many prefer to throw caution to the wind and eat on the wild side. Those of you who enjoy trying wacky new dishes or who simply want to gawk at the outrageous delicacies others enjoy should take this quiz to expand your culinary horizons in ways you never thought possible!

Chicken feet are known for adding what qualities to soup stock?

Chicken feet can boost a soup's flavor, and the bones add calcium and other minerals. You can purchase a sack of feet at your local Asian marketplace. Don't forget to scald them first so that the skin and toenails can be easily removed.


What (gulp) ingredient is necessary to make the Sardinian delicacy casu marzu?

If you get queasy at the mention of escargot or fried squid, you're probably not ready for casu marzu. This goat's milk cheese is filled with live maggots -- hence the name casu marzu, which translates to "rotten cheese." The maggots in casu marzu are still alive when the cheese is served, and they can actually jump 15 centimeters when poked.


What parts of tuna are rumored to be as enjoyable as squid?

Tuna enthusiasts in Japan and China don't believe in letting anything go to waste. Tuna eyeballs are widely available for purchase, and they need only to be boiled and seasoned to attain a delicious, squid-inspired taste.


Preparing this Southern soul food delicacy starts with a thorough hand scrubbing to remove fecal matter.

Particularly popular during the holiday season, soul-food enthusiasts happily remove fecal matter and other goo from chitlins (also known as chitterlings), which are nothing more than boiled pig intestines. Take care to thoroughly clean your hands, cooking utensils and cooking space to avoid the spread of bacteria when preparing chitlins.


In Iceland, what liquid substance is used as a marinade for shark fin soup?

Honestly, lactic acid might not be the weirdest thing about this dish. According to celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain, the shark must be rotten before it's marinated for six months and turned into shark fin soup.


True or false: Mexican corn infected by the black fungus huitlacoche should never be consumed, no matter how delicious it is.

Food scientists recently discovered that huitlacoche is more than just empty calories. In fact, it's chock full of beta-glucens, which help reduce cholesterol and lycine, and the body can't produce them its own. Available in many Mexican marketplaces, huitlacoche is a popular dish in high-end restaurants, despite the fact that it's just moldy corn.


What southeast Asian fruit is sweet to taste but sports a foul order that turns the stomachs of many would-be testers?

Many who have tasted durian swear by its delicious taste, particularly when it's served in milkshake or even candy form. Others can't get past its noxious aroma to give it a chance. Those of you who do choose to sample a durian-based product should be very careful when storing it in the refrigerator, since its smell can quickly overwhelm other contents.


What side effect might result from consuming codfish sperm, a popular Asian delicacy?

Made from the -- you guessed it -- sperm sac of the codfish, this dish is also known as Shirako and can be served cooked or raw. When cooked, it's similar to custard in texture. Some insist that chowing down on codfish sperm will keep things interesting in the bedroom.


What can you expect to find inside a balut egg?

Popular in the Philippines, the soft-boiled balut egg is commonly known as the "treat with feet" for obvious reasons. The snack is created by burying fertilized duck eggs in the ground until the embryo nears full development. Then, the duck is boiled in its shell and consumed -- often with a dash of salt and pepper.


What is a "prairie oyster," exactly?

Also known as "Rocky Mountain oysters," this appetizer-style dish can be prepared a variety of ways, and served with a cocktail sauce to boot. And yes, we're talking about bull testicles.


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