The Voight-Kampff Quiz: How Much Do You Know About 'Blade Runner'?


The Voight-Kampff test can spot a replicant by asking emotionally charged questions in order to provoke what?

A trained Blade Runner can use the Voight-Kampff to differentiate humans from replicants by detecting physiological reactions like blushing or dilated pupils. It's not intended to provoke a violent outburst, though that happens from time to time.

What is the name of the cop who finds Deckard at the noodle stand and takes him to see the chief?

His name is Eduardo Gaff, played by Edward James Olmos.

What is the slur chief Bryant uses to describe replicants?

"I got four skinjobs walkin' the streets," Bryant tells Deckard.

What happens to Holden?

Leon puts a bullet in Holden when he realizes Holden has found out Leon is one of the escaped replicants.

How many replicants escape from the Off-world Colonies and make their way to Earth?

Bryant tells Deckard there are six renegade replicants, one of which already got killed. Who the remaining five are is open to a lot of fun conjecture (and is partly due to inconsistent script changes and an error in dubbing dialog which is fixed in some versions).

Which replicant is the "leader" of the renegades?

Batty, played by Rutger Hauer, seems to be more intelligent and thoughtful than the other replicants, though no less brutal.

Why are the replicants trying to get into the Tyrell Corp. instead of just escaping and blending in with humans?

The replicants are rebelling against their limited lifespans.

What is unique about the replicant Rachael?

Rachael doesn’t know she's a replicant (until Deckard tells her she is).

Why does Leon return to his apartment, almost running into Deckard and Gaff?

Leon's photos are important to him.

Who composed the music for "Blade Runner"?

Greek composer Vangelis created the heavily synthesized soundtrack for "Blade Runner."

What does Deckard find in Leon's bathtub?

Zhora's snake scale allows Deckard to track her down.

What is the name of the nightclub where Deckard finds Zhora?

Taffey is the sleazy owner of the Snake Pit.

What novel is "Blade Runner" based on?

Philip K. Dick's "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" is the novel that "Blade Runner" is based on.

What part of replicants does Hannibal Chew make?

Chew genetically engineers replicant eyes.

How does Deckard prove to Rachael that she's a replicant?

He tells her the memories are really from Tyrell's niece.

Two major elements were added to the original theatrical release of "Blade Runner": a "happy ending" that shows Deckard and Rachael leaving L.A., and what else?

Neither Ford nor director Ridley Scott wanted the narration added, but the studio felt the plot was too hard to follow without it.

What kind of replicant is Pris?

Bryant describes Pris as "a basic pleasure model."

Why does Pris wait for J.F. Sebastian in a pile of garbage?

Pris preys on Sebastian's good nature by tricking him into taking her in.

What disease does Sebastian suffer from?

He suffers from Methuselah Syndrome, which causes him to age at an accelerated rate.

After Deckard kills Zhora, what does Bryant order him to do?

Bryant adds Rachael to the list of replicants Deckard has to kill.

How long do Nexus-6 replicants live?

Replicants are given uncircumventable four-year life spans, because beyond that time they might begin to develop emotions and become indistinguishable from humans.

What does Leon tell Deckard it's time for?

"Wake up. Time to die."

Who kills Leon?

Rachael shoots Leon in the head just as he's about to put his fingers through Deckard's eye sockets.

What game does J.F. Sebastian play with Eldon Tyrell?

They have an ongoing game of chess. Sebastian has only ever beaten Tyrell once.

Why can't Tyrell extend the replicants' lives?

All attempts to alter the lifetime-limiting genetic code causes a mutation or virus that kills the replicant.

How does Pris hide from Deckard?

She sits very still, and Deckard passes her by, thinking she's one of Sebastian's dolls/automatons.

What kind of animal does Batty hold on to at the end of the movie?

He holds a dove in his arms, though it isn’t clear where he got it from.

What did Batty watch glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser Gate?

No one's quite sure what a C-beam is, but it's an evocative image all the same.

To what does Batty compare the loss of his memories when he dies?

"All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain."

What does Gaff leave outside Deckard's door?

The unicorn signifies both that Gaff found Rachael and let her live and that Gaff knows Deckard is a replicant (based on Deckard's unicorn dream, seen only in some cuts of the film).

Bonus question: The happy ending tacked onto the theatrical versions of "Blade Runner" includes aerial footage of the wilderness Deckard and Rachael are driving into. This footage was not shot for "Blade Runner." What movie does it come from?

The footage came from Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining."

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