Quiz: Can You Identify All 50 '80s Movies From Just One Screenshot?
Can You Identify All 50 '80s Movies From Just One Screenshot?
By: Ana Todorovic

About This Quiz

What a time it was for Hollywood! With the birth of the blockbuster in the 1970s, the '80s was a decade when directors and screenwriters were eager to look outside the box for big ideas. Stars were born, the Brat Pack reigned supreme, and movie execs ran with it all the way to the bank (and to their own private islands).

The 1980s saw a sci-fi renaissance with offerings from George Lucas, James Cameron and Steven Spielberg. Horror auteurs like Wes Craven, John Carpenter and Sam Raimi killed it on the big screen. And nobody had a finger on the pulse of teen angst like writer-director John Hughes.

These are the classics you know by heart. The classics that make you drop everything when they're on TV (even though you've seen them a hundred times). After all, house cleaning can wait when there's a Holy Grail to be found or Fast Times to be had.

But for every timeless gem, there's a guilty pleasure (many of which star Patrick Swayze) that holds a special place in our hearts. Are you an expert on '80s cinema? Take this quiz and prove it!

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