Quiz: The Ultimate Bleeding Gums Quiz
The Ultimate Bleeding Gums Quiz
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How often do your gums bleed? If it’s more than once in awhile, you might be fighting plaque or gingivitis! Take this quiz to find out how much you know about the causes, concerns and symptoms of bleeding gums.

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Which vitamin is the most important to prevent bleeding gums?
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How often should you floss?
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If your gums bleed, you may have gum disease.
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What percentage of American adults over 35 suffer from gum disease?
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What stress hormone can affect your gum health?
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What common household poison can cause bleeding gums?
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How often should you visit your dentist for a cleaning?
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What should you do first if your gums won't stop bleeding?
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What disease does not have bleeding gums as a symptom?
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Exposure to what element can cause bleeding gums?
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What is the most common cause of bleeding gums?
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Pregnancy gingivitis, which is a fluctuation in hormone levels during pregnancy, is at its peak during which trimester?
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Quitting what habit can greatly improve your dental health and put you at a lower risk of bleeding gums?
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What color are healthy gums?
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Plaque, the sticky stuff which builds up on your teeth and can cause gum disease, is made up of what?
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Bleeding gums are commonly the result of:
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What organ is often damaged by advanced-stage bleeding gums?
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When your gums are irritated, what is the best rinsing agent?
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Your gums may bleed if you start flossing regularly.
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