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Out of the three types of photodynamic therapy (PDT), blue light therapy has been the most widely studied.

Photodynamic therapy can use high-intensity red, blue or green light -- blue is the most widely studied.


PDT disintegrates acne lesions with intense light.

PDT works by killing P. acnes bacteria, which allows the skin to heal.


A full blue light therapy treatment usually involves three sessions over a six-week period.

No, it's more involved than that. Patients usually get eight sessions over four weeks.


A blue light therapy session lasts about a half hour.

Each session is 15 minutes, so a full treatment involves about two hours of light therapy.


Once you've had a full treatment, you're good to go -- your acne is totally eradicated.

Unfortunately, it's not that easy. Results usually last around six months.


The treatment is temporary because the light waves don't penetrate the endocrine glands deeply enough.

Blue light is gentler on the skin than UV light, but it doesn't go quite deep enough to cause permanent results. And the glands in question are sebaceous.


Blue light therapy is safer than earlier light treatments because it doesn't contain ultraviolet light.

Light treatments used to contain UV light, which damages the skin. Blue light is UV-free.


In a large study, blue light therapy caused a 59 percent decrease in acne lesions.

So far, studies of blue light therapy have been very small. But a few of them have gotten results in the 50- to 60-percent range.


Most insurance plans don't cover blue light therapy.

Blue light therapy is new and relatively untested, so you're probably going to have to pay out of pocket for treatments.


You can expect to pay $200 to $300 for each blue light therapy session.

Nope, it's more than that. You'll have to shell out between $550 and $800 per session.


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