Quiz: BMW or Hyundai: Only 1 in 17 People Can Correctly Identify the Make of These Vehicles! Can You?
BMW or Hyundai: Only 1 in 17 People Can Correctly Identify the Make of These Vehicles! Can You?
By: Craig
Image: Youtube

About This Quiz

The adrenaline courses through your body, you feel it as every second ticks by ...

Lined up on the grid, like the racing heroes of old, you wait for the lights to turn green as the sweat drips from your brow.

Ahead lie fame and fortune.

And all you need to do to achieve it is identify the car manufacturer a certain model belongs to.

You will have two options. Both are known for their luxurious sedans, SUVs and various other models. One is German and represents Europe, while the other is Korean and represents Asia - a real battle of the continents. 

It's BMW versus Hyundai!

Actually, if you think of it, it is you against BMW and Hyundai as you try to identify the maker from a single image of one of their models. But as a car lover, you got this right? We have the utmost faith in you, but never think it will be easy for a minute. Both manufacturers produce vehicles in similar classes, and telling them apart is certainly not an easy task, especially for more modern models, as they are all very similar when it comes to styling.

So fly off the line, aim for glory and take the checkered flag first!

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