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According to the official rules, how much money do you get when you land on Free Parking in Monopoly?

Per the official rules of Monopoly, players get no money, property or reward of any kind when landing on Free Parking. Of course, your house rules may vary.

Which of the following tokens was not one of the ten original game pieces in Monopoly?

The ten original pieces were based on charms used on bracelets and did not include the Scottie dog.

How much money does each player start with in Monopoly?

Players start with $1,500 according to the official rules of the game.

Which of the following is not one of the red properties in Monopoly?

Illinois, Kentucky and Indiana Avenue are red in Monopoly, while Atlantic Avenue is yellow.

True or false: The police officer in Monopoly has a name.

The police officer is Edgar Mallory, while Rich Uncle Pennybags goes by the name of Milburn.

Who is the dead heiress in 13 Dead End Drive?

13 Dead End Drive players compete to win the fortune of dearly departed Aunt Agatha.

How many characters are there to choose from in the original 1993 version of 13 Dead End Drive?

Players choose from 12 characters. In the 2002 sequel 1313 Dead End Drive, the number of characters increases to 16.

Who is the unfortunate victim in the game Clue?

The game of Clue is set at the Tudor Mansion, home to host John Boddy.

Who is not one of the suspects in the game Clue?

The six suspects in Clue include Colonel Mustard, Miss Scarlett, Professor Plum, Mr. Green, Mrs. White and Mrs. Peacock.

Which of the following is not a weapon used in Clue?

The killer can choose from six different weapons in Clue, but a car is not one of them.

How many female characters appear in the original Guess Who?

Out of 24 characters in Guess Who, just five are female, which caused a minor controversy in 2012 when a young girl wrote to the company to ask about the lack of females.

How much money do you start with in the game Life?

Players set out with just $10,000 but can earn more by working — or just getting lucky.

Where do the wealthiest players in Life end up?

Successful Life players land on Millionaire Row, while those who finish with less money resign to Countryside Acres.

What do players use as tokens in the game Candy Land?

Players travel through Candy Land using one of four brightly-colored gingerbread people.

What happens when you land on a licorice space in Candy Land?

The evil Lord Licorice has left trails of the sticky sweet candy across the board. When you step on one, you automatically lose a turn.

Who is married to King Kandy in Candy Land?

The beautiful Queen Frostine — formerly Princess Frostine — is married to King Kandy.

True or false: The pyramid builders may have played checkers in their free time.

References to the game of checkers have been found in texts dating back more than 4,000 years.

What is checkers called in England?

Players in England refer to checkers as draughts.

How many ships do players get in Battleship?

Players get five ships to position however they want at the start of Battleship.

What color peg indicates a hit in Battleship?

A red peg indicates a hit, while a white peg indicates a miss.

True or false: The name of the poor patient in the game Operation is Aching Andy.

The patient suffering from water on the knee and other ailments in Operation is known as Cavity Sam.

What classic game was historically referred to as "tables"?

Backgammon was traditionally known as tables and may date back to 300 C.E.

What is the traditional name for the game Othello?

Othello is a brand name version of Reversi. While the origins of the game are disputed, it was first played in the late 19th century.

What game was originally called La Conqueste du Monde?

Risk was originally called La Conqueste du Monde, or World Conquest, when it was created in 1957.

How many territories are players fighting over in Risk?

Players battle over 44 territories spread across six continents.

True or false: You need to have four checkers in a row either horizontally or vertically to win Connect Four.

A Connect Four win requires four checkers in a row — which can be arranged horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

What is the correct name for the castle-like structure in chess?

The castle is called a "rook" and can only move in straight lines, never diagonally.

Which chess piece moves in an "L" shape?

The knight moves three spaces at a time in an "L" shape.

What color are the Entertainment pieces in the game Trivial Pursuit?

The six pie slices in Trivial Pursuit represent six different categories. Pink represents Entertainment.

What classic board game is a simplified version of Capture the Flag?

In Stratego, players use an army of 40 pieces to beat their opponents.

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