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Which of the following conditions is not primarily caused by deterioration of arteries?

Diabetes makes disease of the arteries worse, but primarily is a genetic disease made more evident by obesity in adults. The others -- impotence, wrinkling of the skin and strokes -- are like heart attacks: They are primarily caused by the aging of your arteries.

What's the best Valentine's Day gift you can give your partner to make him/her healthier?

The flavonoids and healthier fat in real cocoa-based chocolate makes it healthy. Scheduling a massage does not count until you get it.

Which of the following is true about the gender difference in brains?

Men tend to solve problems faster while women analyze complex issues better.

What size particles are most hazardous to your lungs?

Smaller particles escape your natural defenses of the beating brushes of your trachea and get deep into your lungs, where they can cause inflammation and other problems.

Fill in the blank with the most appropriate comparsion. Sleep is like ____ .

The more uninterrupted your sleep, the better it is, because you get the rapid eye movement and slow wave sleep patterns that are restorative to functioning.

What is excessive snoring the sign of?

Snoring is caused by a narrowed passage for air to move through. It's actually the sound of turbulence in the air movement caused by partial obstruction rather than smooth airflow.

What's equivalent risk of an hour's exposure to secondhand smoke?

Secondhand smoke is remarkably similar to firsthand smoke when it come to its health effects in making your arteries dysfunctional and causing impotence.

Your intestines are most similar to what other organ?

Your intestine is very similar to your brain because of its nervous system and chemicals.

Who is most likely to give you a stomach ulcer?

The bacteria that causes most stomach ulcers can be transmitted back and forth from significant others.

What is the major function of the colon?

The colon removes fluid in order to concentrate your stool and maintain a high enough fluid level in the rest of your body.

What is the reason that men can drink more alcohol that women?

Men have more of the acid alcohol dehydrogenase in their gut lining, which metabolizes about half of the alcohol before it get into their blood.

Where does conception take place?

The fertilized egg implants itself in the uterus. The actual site where the sperm fertilizes the egg is often in the Fallopian tubes but can occur almost anywhere the two get together.

Complete the following sentence. The size of a man's sex organ ________ .

Is based on the need to attract members of the opposite sex from an evolutionary perspective.

Which of these substances is most responsible for sex drive in both men and women?

In both genders, testosterone influences sex drive.

What is the best test to measure if you have the cardiovascular stamina to have sex?

If you can't climb two flights of stairs without stopping, then sex is risky and you need more exercise.

What does a Pap smear detect?

This test for cervical cancer is important for women to get at least every year if they are sexually active.

What foods increase fertility rates?

Walnuts actually have the highest quantity of omega-3 fatty acids of all nuts. Omega 3s improve fertility rates in both males and females by improving the functional swimming ability of the sperm and improving the environment implantation in the women. Other reasons may exist aw well.

What are the most active muscles in the body?

The muscles around your eyes are always moving.

Why should you avoid using Q-tips to clean your ears?

They can tear your eardrum.

What is an indication that you're legally blind?

If you can't see the big letters on a vision chart from a distance of 20 feet, you are legally blind.

What part of the body is least likely to be damaged by the sun?

Ever see a wrinkled butt?

What is the main purpose of skin?

The skin is a major protection for you.

Which of the following is true about joints?

Fish oil and nuts are a great way to reduce pain and to keep your joints functioning for the long term.

Which of the following is true about your bones?

Your bones have a matrix structure like the Eiffel Tower and are incredibly sturdy as a result.

Which of the following is true about back pain?

Like most things, you can prevent or reduce back pain with just a little consistent effort in advance.

What is the first line of defense against infection?

Your skin really does the best job.

What is the worst part about untreated, low-grade infections that don't have overt symptoms?

Low-grade infections may be much worse that having high cholesterol in making your arteries dysfunctional.

What is the safest way to shorten the duration of the common cold?

We don't know any dangers of your mom's chicken soup, and it does shorten the length of time of course for the common cold as much as zinc lozenges or vitamin C.

What is the best thing you can do to prevent infections?

Your mom was right -- wash your hands.

Which of the following is true about cancer?

There are no cancers that are 100 percent lethal. There's hope with even the worst cancer, including spontaneous recovery as your immune system fights back.

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