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In an era when parents are desperate to find safe and nurturing activities for their kids, organizations like the Boy Scouts of America are really thriving. With wholesome activities such as hiking and camping, and an emphasis on honesty and community service, scouting provides an excellent model for a healthy childhood. This quintessentially American fraternity, however, wasn't actually developed in the U.S. Take this quiz to learn more about the Boy Scouts.

When was the Boy Scouts of America organization established?

It was established in 1910, based on the British scouting movement.


Who established the Boy Scouts of America?

W.D. Boyce, a publisher from Chicago, established the Boy Scouts after learning about the British scouting movement while on a trip to England.


What is the motto of the Boy Scouts?

The motto "be prepared" speaks to the Boy Scouts of America's focus on preparation and planning, both in the short and long terms.


What is the name of the youngest Boy Scout group?

At the youngest end of the spectrum are the Tiger Cubs.


How old do you have to be join the Tiger Cubs?

The Tiger Cubs, the youngest section of the Boy Scouts, is for first graders.


From second through fifth grade, what do the Boy Scouts offer?

The next stage of the Boy Scout process is the Cub Scouts, in which most Boy Scouts participate.


At what age does a boy qualify for Boy Scouts?

To join the actual Boy Scouts, a boy must be over the age of 11.


Until what age can someone participate in the Boy Scouts?

Scouting is for boys between the ages of 11 and 17, after which another option is available within the organization.


What percentage of Boy Scouts are former Cub Scouts?

The vast majority of Boy Scouts -- 95 percent -- are former Cub Scouts.


What distinguishes the Varsity Scouts from the Boy Scouts?

The Varsity Scouts is a section of the Boy Scout organization that participates in adventure sports.


Until what age can someone participate in the Venture Scouts?

The Venture Scouts, who focus on leadership and teaching skills, may continue until the age of 20.


What is the purpose of the buddy system?

In an attempt to reduce the risk of sexual abuse, all meetings involving a Boy Scout and an adult participant must be observed by a third party.


Approximately how many people have participated in the Boy Scouts?

To date more than 110 million young men have participated in some Scouts program.


How many different types of merit badges do the Boy Scouts have?

There are more than 100 different kinds of merit badges that a Boy Scout can earn for everything from camping skills to community service.


To earn a merit badge a scout must first speak with whom?

The first step to earning a merit badge is to speak with his scoutmaster.


What is the Order of the Arrow?

The Order of the Arrow is one of the most highly respected marks of honor a Scout can earn. It's awarded in recognition of a life lived according to the Boy Scout Oath and Law.


How many Boy Scouts have received the Order of the Arrow?

Of the 110 million participants in the Boy Scouts to date, about 200,000 have received the Order of the Arrow.


What are the Boy Scouts' total revenues?

The Boy Scouts is a non-profit organization with current annual revenues totaling just under $650 million.


Which three groups are traditionally denied membership in the Boy Scouts of America?

Those barred from entry are referred to as the 3 Gs -- the godless, girls, and gays. Since the organization is private, the U.S. Supreme Court has upheld the Boy Scouts of America's right to select its membership.


By how much has Cub Scout membership decreased over the past decade?

Since 2000 membership in the Boy Scouts has dropped by about 500,000 members.


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