Quiz: The British Armed Forces Quiz
The British Armed Forces Quiz
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Test your (knowledge of) British military might by taking our British Armed Forces Quiz. Learn how the armed forces work in Merry Old England. Or, you know, Regular Modern Great Britain.

Slightly different from those in the United States Armed Forces.

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Her Majesty's Coast Guard operates under what branch?

The British Coast Guard is not considered a part of the Armed Forces.

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Who is the Commander-In-Chief of the BAF?

Queen Elizabeth II is currently in command.

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Who is the head of the Armed Forces?

Tricked you! The Queen is the Commander-in-Chief and Head of the Armed Forces.

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What power does the monarch hold as commander and head of the BAF?

Sound crazy? Well, it's a very limited power that is subject to checks and balances.

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So who is in charge of the BAF in a more practical sense?

The Prime Minister is technically in charge of the military and makes key decisions.

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Although the Prime Minister is charged with managing military decisions, the PM would act in accordance with:

The Cabinet is the highest-level of government ministers, appointed by the PM.

Under the Non-Proliferation Treaty, the UK is a nuclear weapon state.

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What roles are women NOT allowed to have in the BAF?

Many front-line roles have been open to women for a couple decades.

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What is another unusual Armed Forces job only available to men?

Only men get to be the fancy horse-riders.

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What is the real name of a position within the Royal Navy?

There is both a First and Second Sea Lord.

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Who is the professional head of the British Army?

The position is under the Chief of the Defence Staff.

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When did a standing British Army form?

In the mid-1600s, the English Army was formed.

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Does Britain have a draft (or conscription) policy?

While Britain has had a National Service requirement during war times, it no longer does.

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There are how many full-time members of the BAF?

As of 2015

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How many of those are Royal Army personnel?

There were about 83,340 Army officers and soldiers ready for duty in 2015.

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How many are in the Royal Navy and Marines?

The Navy and Marine numbers are included together.

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The Royal Air Force has how many personnel?

Including one quite famous officer …

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William was part of the RAF for several years but retired to take on work as an air ambulance operator.

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Prince Harry served with what British Armed Forces branch?

Harry left the Army in 2015, but his service included a 20-week tour in Afghanistan.

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Prince Charles also had a career in what armed service?

Charles briefly served in the Navy during the 1970s.

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What is NOT a part of the Royal Navy?

There is a Submarine Service which presumably does a lot of the underwater duties.

That is what's known as the United Kingdom.

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What is the name of the RAF's headquarters of Air Command?

It's where the command operations take place.

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The RAF uses what aircraft?

Come on, these RAF pilots aren't messing around.

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Does the British Army have a reserve army?

Just like the United States Army, anyone can serve as a reservist.

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What new equipment is currently in the design or building phase for the British Navy?

Although who wouldn't want a seapod, whatever that is.

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What is NOT a corps of the British Army?

But if you're interested, I'd suggest the Corps of Army Music.

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The British Army Gurkha Brigade is a holdover from?

After the early 19th century Gurkha War, many Nepalese soldiers joined the British Army.

If that sounds vague, it's because their work -- and members -- are extremely secretive.

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