Quiz: The British Armed Forces Quiz
The British Armed Forces Quiz
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

Test your (knowledge of) British military might by taking our British Armed Forces Quiz. Learn how the armed forces work in Merry Old England. Or, you know, Regular Modern Great Britain.

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Her Majesty's Coast Guard operates under what branch?
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Who is the Commander-In-Chief of the BAF?
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Who is the head of the Armed Forces?
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What power does the monarch hold as commander and head of the BAF?
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So who is in charge of the BAF in a more practical sense?
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Although the Prime Minister is charged with managing military decisions, the PM would act in accordance with:
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What roles are women NOT allowed to have in the BAF?
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What is another unusual Armed Forces job only available to men?
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What is the real name of a position within the Royal Navy?
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Who is the professional head of the British Army?
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When did a standing British Army form?
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Does Britain have a draft (or conscription) policy?
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There are how many full-time members of the BAF?
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How many of those are Royal Army personnel?
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How many are in the Royal Navy and Marines?
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The Royal Air Force has how many personnel?
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Prince Harry served with what British Armed Forces branch?
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Prince Charles also had a career in what armed service?
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What is NOT a part of the Royal Navy?
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What is the name of the RAF's headquarters of Air Command?
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The RAF uses what aircraft?
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Does the British Army have a reserve army?
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What new equipment is currently in the design or building phase for the British Navy?
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What is NOT a corps of the British Army?
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The British Army Gurkha Brigade is a holdover from?
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