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You may know Buffy for her vampire slaying skills, but the fanged bloodsuckers aren't the only bad guys hanging around Sunnydale. Take our quiz to test your knowledge of all the demons in the Buffy universe.

Who is the first vampire that "Buffy" fans encounter when the show begins?

The first episode of the series opens with a nervous girl named Darla transforming into a vampire to attack her amorous boyfriend.


Where does Willow meet Malcolm, aka Moloch?

Willow meets Malcolm online and releases him into Sunnydale by downloading his book.


True or false: Sid the puppet is an organ-stealing demon.

While many suspect Sid of being a demon, he is actually a demon hunter who helps tracks down the real demon, Marc the magician.


What is the name of the demon that Buffy and Cordelia encounter at a frat house?

A drugged Buffy and Cordelia are offered as sacrifice to the snakelike Machida in the episode "Reptile Boy."


What color skin does the Judge have?

In season two, Drusilla restores a blue-skinned demon named the Judge who hopes to wipe all humans off of Earth.


Whose blood can awaken the demon Acathla?

Only Angel's blood can awaken Acathla, a demon who has been trapped in a stone block for years.


Where are you most likely to find Der Kindestod?

Der Kindestod is a demon who soaks in the life forces of sick children. Buffy encounters him in a hospital while recovering from the flu.


Whom does Eyghon possess during season two?

The demon Eyghon can possess any dead or unconscious body, and he chooses Jenny and Angel as his hosts.


What item transforms the wearer into the Ovu Mobani demon?

Anyone who wears the magic mask transforms into a demon named Ovu Mobani.


Where does the demon Lurconis reside?

The baby-eating Lurconis lives in the sewers under Sunnydale.


Which demon comes to Sunnydale looking for the Glove of Myhnegon?

The powerful glove, which stays with the wearer until he dies, draws the demon Lagos to Sunnydale.


What does Balthazar require for survival?

Former vampire leader Balthazar lives in a large pool and must stay wet in order to survive.


What happens to Buffy when she absorbs some demon blood?

When Buffy absorbs some demon blood during season three, she develops a potent ability to read minds.


What does Buffy need to consume to lose her telepathy skills?

Buffy is so overwhelmed by her newfound skill that she is willing to consume the heart of a demon to make the voices stop.


Where did Lohesh originate?

Lohesh was born in the 12th century when a sorcerer in the Ural Mountains reached ascension.


What form does Mayor Olvikan's demon take?

When he finally reaches ascension, the mayor's demon form resembles a snake.


What is the name of Buffy's college roommate?

Buffy discovers that her roommate, Kathy, is a demon after noting how evenly her toenails grow.


Who is the demon of fear?

Demon of fear Gachnar goes by several disturbing names, including Dark Lord of Nightmares and Bringer of Terror.


What do the Pyleans call humans?

The Pylean demons treat humans as slaves or food and refer to them as cows.


Who tries to sell illegal Suvolte eggs?

Spike tries to sell Suvolte eggs, which are valuable because the Suvolte demon is vicious and powerful but extremely rare.


Which demon works in a Sunnydale restaurant?

Torg works in a restaurant and managed the gateway to Beljoxa's Eye.


What is Gnarl's favorite dish?

Gnarl uses his paralyzing talons to render his victims immobile so he can feed on their skin.


Who finally kills Gnarl?

Gnarl is immune to magic, but Buffy manages to kill him by gouging out his eyes.


Which demon worked as a school guidance counselor?

Halfrek masqueraded as a guidance counselor to trick Dawn into making a dangerous wish.


Where did Anyanka hail from?

Once known as Aud, the Swedish Anyanka was transformed into a demon after she turned her lover into a troll.


Who destroyed Anyanka's demon powers?

Anyanka became the human Anya after Giles destroyed her magical amulet.


What is a Hellhound's favorite food?

After his prom plans fall through, Tucker Wells unleashes a pack of Hellhounds, which nosh exclusively on brains.


Which demon did Cordelia date?

Cordelia dumped Angel to start a relationship with the Groosalugg, whom she affectionately called Groo.


Which demons kidnapped Jack due to his gambling debts?

In the first season of Buffy spinoff "Angel," the Howlers kidnap and sell Jack before imprisoning Angel.


What happens if you touch Thraxis blood?

The Thraxis demon has potent blood that burns human skin.


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