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There are worse things than vampires in the Buffyverse, like countless demons and weird robots. Take this quiz to see how much you know about the nonvampire monsters of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer."

In the episode "The Pack," Xander and several other students turn into monstrous, cannibalistic versions of themselves when they're possessed by the spirits of what kind of animal?

They're possessed by hyenas during a trip to the zoo.


Why does the swim team turn into sea monsters and kill their coach?

Kids, remember, don’t take fish steroids.


What are the creatures who steal everyone's voices in the episode "Hush" called?

The Gentlemen are among the creepiest of all Buffy monsters.


What kind of demon is Giles transformed into by Ethan Rayne?

Fyarl demons are one of the few demon types that a human can be transformed into by a magic spell.


The animated ventriloquist dummy Sid was actually what?

Sid was really a demon hunter and therefore not really a monster, but living ventriloquist dummies<i> are</i> really really scary. Sorry, Sid.


Where do the eggs that turn into parasitic tentacle monsters come from?

Everyone had to care for the eggs as part of a school assignment.


Two guys try to create a "Frankenstein" girl for the brother of one of the boys. What is the brother?

Daryl, the brother, died in an accident and was revived, making him a sort of zombie.


The sluglike demons from space, often summoned to kill people with mental illnesses, are called what?

The Queller demon that comes to Sunnydale is drawn to Buffy's mom because she has a brain tumor.


The Ugly Man is a manifestation of a comatose boy's nightmare about whom?

The boy's baseball coach had beaten the boy nearly to death, then manifested as the Ugly Man when Sunnydale's nightmares started coming to life.


The child-killing monster from the episode "Killed by Death" is called what?

Der Kindestod loosely translates to "the children's death." "Killed By Death" is a Motorhead song.


Marcie, a student ignored by almost everyone, eventually is taken away to be trained as an assassin because she …

Marcie becomes an invisible antagonist in "Out of Mind, Out of Sight."


What is notable about the demon Whistler?

Whistler's unusual parentage caused him to be a "good" demon, and he encouraged Angel to follow a similar path.


What is hiding under Wig Lady's wig?

Wig Lady is some kind of demon that eats people (especially Doublemeat Palace employees) via an extra appendage that is sort of like a lamprey.


Who turns out to actually be a giant, evil praying mantis monster?

Miss French, the substitute bio teacher, has more than a passing interest in mantises.


Anya, as a Vengeance demon, turns Ronnie (someone's abusive boyfriend) into what?

Ronnie becomes a Sluggoth demon, a giant worm that emerges from the ground to attack.


When Buffy's mom starts dating again, her too-good-to-be-true boyfriend Ted turns out to be what?

Ted is a robot with plans to lock Joyce in his bunker forever.


The demon Gnarl kills his victims in what way?

Gnarl skins his victims one strip of flesh at a time.


How does Buffy defeat Gachnar, the fear demon that almost ruins Halloween?

Gachnar is only scary at a distance (when he's making people's biggest fears come to life), since he's physically very tiny.


What does the Glarghk Guhl Kashmas'nik demon do?

The Glarghk Guhl Kashmas'nik demon suggests a haunting possibility — that the "alternate" reality of the mentally ill Buffy is the real one, and the Buffyverse as we know it is her delusion.


What horrific thing can the door-to-door salesman from the episode "What's My Line" transform into?

He transforms into a writhing mass of worms and can only be killed by squishing each separate worm.


What kind of monster is Oz?

Oz is a werewolf. Buffy fans, consider this one a freebie.


What causes Pete to turn into a raging, vein-faced monster that beats up his girlfriend?

Pete takes a potion that makes him into the Hyde-like monster, although eventually he begins transforming whenever he's mad.


What is the name of the demon that Buffy runs afoul of while she's in hell?

Yeah, he's just … Ken. A demon named Ken.


What monster is Anya's ex-boyfriend and smashes up Sunnydale with a warhammer?

Olaf the Troll does a lot of damage when he shows up in Sunnydale.


Spike and Drusilla resurrect a legendary demon whose goal is to destroy all humanity. What is the demon called?

The Judge is reassembled by Spike and Dru.


What demon can only possess people when they're dead or unconscious?

Eyghon is a demon from Giles' past.


Nathan Fillion played an evil, woman-murdering priest named what?

Caleb is a major villain in the final season of Buffy. We'd consider him a monster even if he didn’t have demonic backing.


What is the name of the demon that causes everyone around him to burst into song and dance?

Sweet's singing and dancing powers could cause people to self-combust.


The Inca Mummy Girl falls in love with whom?

Ampata the mummy girl falls for Xander, but love isn’t enough to prevent her ultimate destruction.


What is the most notable feature of Doc, the creepy old guy who worships Glory?

Doc has a tail, but you tend to focus on the long tongue since he's probably attacking you with it.


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