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What's the hottest club in Sunnydale?

On Buffy's very first day at Sunnydale High, Cordelia invites her to The Bronze, the town's hippest — and apparently only — nightclub.

What is the name of the gang's favorite java joint?

Buffy and company often end up stopping for a pick-me-up at the Espresso Pump, Sunnydale's answer to Starbucks.

What is the local movie theater called?

In a town overrun by demons, a little brightness at the Sun Cinema is a welcome relief for residents.

How many graveyards are in Sunnydale?

Sunnydale is home to a staggering 12 cemeteries, and even with so many to choose from, the cemeteries are so busy that they have to hold some services at night.

What is the town's population when the series starts?

Sunnydale is a small town, with a population of just 38,500 at the start of the series.

What is Sunnydale's main street called?

Many of the town's main businesses, including the movie theater and coffee shop, are situated on Maple Court.

True or false: Despite a disturbingly high number of vampire attacks, the population of Sunnydale continues to grow.

By season seven, at least some residents had wised up to all the evil, leaving the town with a population of 32,900.

Who goes to Kingman's Bluff with thoughts of suicide?

Kingman's Bluff, which overlooks the Pacific Ocean, almost serves as Angel's final resting spot one Christmas Eve.

What real city is Sunnydale likely based on?

Many of the exterior shots in the series were filmed in Santa Barbara, and maps shown on the show position Sunnydale right around Santa Barbara.

What city's high school was used as a stand-in for Sunnydale High?

The facade of Torrance High School in Torrance, California, was used to represent the exterior of Sunnydale High on the show.

What sits under Sunnydale?

The beautiful California town sits right over a Hellmouth, a portal used by demons and other unpleasant creatures.

How far is Sunnydale from Los Angeles?

Sunnydale is roughly two hours from Los Angeles — and from Neiman Marcus.

True or false: There is a University of California campus in Sunnydale.

In season four, Buffy and her friends take classes at the University of California, Sunnydale.

What native tribe used to live in Sunnydale?

The Chumash once occupied the area that became Sunnydale, and one Thanksgiving, the dead Chumash rise up and attack the town.

What dorm does Buffy live in when she gets to college?

Buffy shares a room with Kathy Newman in the Stevenson dorm at University of California, Sunnydale.

Who founded the town?

Richard Wilkins founded Sunnydale in the 19th century, and the immortal town founder was also the mayor of Sunnydale for decades.

What other name did Wilkins consider before naming the town Sunnydale?

Wilkins made a deal with the local demon population and considered both Happydale and Sunny Acres before he decided to name his new town Sunnydale.

What college stood in for UC Sunnydale on screen?

In 2000, the cast and crew headed to UCLA, where many of the exterior college scenes were shot.

What is the name of the local newspaper?

The Sunnydale Press is so filled with grim news that the obituary section and front page are easily confused.

What street does Buffy live on?

Buffy and her mother reside at 1630 Revello Dr.

What building gets destroyed at the end of season three?

As the mayor prepares for ascension and the gang graduates, a demon uprising transforms the high school into a pile of rubble.

What is the name of the U.S. government's secret base under Sunnydale?

The government launches a secret campaign known as the Initiative in a cavern, which is conveniently located right under the town's high school.

What kind of store does Giles own?

Located on Maple Court, Giles purchases Uncle Bob's Magic Cabinet and renames it The Magic Box.

True or false: Sunnydale remains very "business as usual" throughout the entire series, despite the town's supernatural residents.

During season seven, things get so dire in Sunnydale that even the most oblivious residents notice the danger, and the town becomes a ghost town.

Where is the entrance to the Hellmouth located?

The Hellmouth is located right under Sunnydale High. So when the school is destroyed and it's time to rebuild, they put the school right on top of the Hellmouth again.

What space is the gang's command center at the start of the series?

Buffy and her friends use the library as a favorite meeting spot for discussing vampire and demon slayings.

What date are vampires most deadly?

Residents of Sunnydale should stay indoors on Oct. 4 — the Night of St. Vigeous — when vampire power is most potent.

What's the least popular animal at the Sunnydale Zoo?

After a crazed zookeeper named Dr. Weirick unleashes a pack of demon hyenas, the animals are a whole lot less popular for zoo visitors.

What signal alerts residents that the Hellmouth is opening?

An earthquake serves as a signal that the Hellmouth is opening and unwanted visitors are heading for Sunnydale.

What "celebrity" comes to Sunnydale at the start of season five?

Dracula pays a visit to Sunnydale during season five to claim Buffy as his bride.

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