Quiz: Build a Cute Spring Outfit and We'll Tell You What Summer Haircut to Get!!!
Build a Cute Spring Outfit and We'll Tell You What Summer Haircut to Get!!!
By: Teresa M.
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Are you looking forward to long summer evenings by the pool, the fire pit, or the dock? No matter how you spend your summers, having the perfect haircut is essential! The best way to find out which summer cut would turn heads is to examine your dream spring clothes. The way you put together the cutest outfit this side of Aeropostale will help make sure you get the right style! 

Spring wardrobes differ from summer wardrobes for several reasons. While summer temperatures are more stable and require less clothing, spring outfits tend to contain layers suitable for any sunset time temperatures. For the exact opposite reason many folks choose to go for shorter haircuts during summer, but is it the best choice for you? 

Your spring outfit will help us see inside your personality, and your personality will help us figure out what kind of haircut you could pull off all summer long. Much like you wouldn't wear a wool sweater in July, you wouldn't want a haircut that sends mixed signals about your personal style! 

Dress yourself up from head to toe in the finest spring apparel, and we'll tell you which summer haircut to rock. Step inside our changing rooms and get started!

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