Build a Fast Food Mega Meal and We'll Correctly Guess Your Age

Teresa M.

Which condiment would you use the most of?

What kind of bread would you use for a burger?

Which restaurant's fries would add to your mega meal?

Would you add onion rings or deep fried pickles?

Would you make a single, double, or triple burger?

Do you prefer the Big Mac or the Whopper?

What drink would you wash your meal down with?

Which Taco Bell sauce might you put on a sandwich?

What kind of burrito might you add to your order?

Would you add a side salad to your order?

Which flavor milkshake would you add?

What kind of cheese would you add to a sandwich?

Which topping would you add the most of on your burger?

Would you add a baked potato or chili to your order?

What kind salad dressing might you add to your order?

What sauce would you dip your nuggets in?

Which taco topping would you use the most of?

What kind of fries would you prefer?

Which breakfast item would we find in your mega meal bag?

How many napkins would you need for your mega meal?

Would you add a Filet o' Fish to your fast food tray?

Will your fast food meal require eating utensils?

Which McDonald's Signature Crafted sandwiches sounds best to you?

Which fast food desert would you add to your meal?

How many times a week do you eat fast food?

Would you add anything from Arby's?

Would you ever dip your fries in mayo?

What kind of chicken would you add to your meal?

Would you share your mega meal with anyone?

Which food would you add as an appetizer?

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About This Quiz

We can tell how old you are by the way you throw together your ultimate fast food meal! How will we do it? Well, we have a highly trained panel of experts dedicated solely to correlating age by the number of fries you stuff in your bag or the amount of special sauce you use! Not really, but we do have our magical ways of deciphering your mega meal and looking for indicators of the number of candles on your next cake! 

As you build your fast food mega meal, you will get a once in a lifetime chance to enter the world's largest fast food kitchen. Once you're there, you'll have full access to every sauce, topping, burger, taco, or chicken nugget you could ever dream up. You won't be charged for your order, so don't hold back. Fill up your plastic tray with every item you could ever want in one fast food meal. Then, we'll be able to guess your age accurately! 

You might want to grab a snack before you get started. This mega meal quiz is going to make your stomach growl with hunger! After you make your perfect meal, we'll tell you how old you are! Let's get cheesy! 

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