Build a House From the Ground Up and We'll Guess What Dog Breed You Should Own

Zoe Samuel

Where will you build your house?

How many bedrooms will it have?

What is it made of?

What style of house is it?

How many bathrooms will there be?

Will there be a boot room downstairs?

What room will be set up for the dog or dogs to sleep in it?

Who will live there with you?

Will you oversee the building yourself?

What sort of outdoor space will you have?

What sort of parking will there be?

Will you have a porch?

How about an outside kennel or dog run?

Will you have a fence around the property?

How will you heat the house?

What will the view include?

Will there be French doors anywhere?

What will the stairs be like?

Will you have any marble floors?

What will the total square footage be?

Will there be an open fireplace?

Will there be a lot of built-in storage?

Will there be a patio or deck?

Will there be a reading nook?

Will you have a finished basement?

Will the house have any outbuildings?

Will the house be designed to be easy to clean?

Will you have a coat closet, or pegs?

Will it be open plan or have a separate kitchen?

What kind of oven will you install?

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Image: Pixabay by Andrea91s

About This Quiz

Building your own house is a dream that many people share but that only some of us ever get to fulfill. After all, it's a massive and pricey undertaking, and it takes a year or more to pull it off. You have to hire plenty of people and then answer the question of whether to oversee the project yourself or bring in an expert. Either way, there will inevitably be surprises along the way, and generally speaking, these surprises will be incredibly expensive and challenging. There will be project bloat, disappointments and compromises.

Still, just because it's difficult doesn't mean it's not possible—and if you can't really do it, you can still learn a lot about your goals and preferred lifestyle by imagining it. If you do build such a home—whether in your head or in the real world—it wouldn't be right to forget to share it with the ideal canine companion. After all, a dog is what makes a house a home! You have to find the right dog for your lifestyle, and since you've already tailored your home to your perfect specifications, matching the dog to the residence guarantees the perfect pooch for you. Let's figure out what dog belongs in your dream house with you!

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