Quiz: Build a House From the Ground Up and We'll Guess Your Relationship Status
Build a House From the Ground Up and We'll Guess Your Relationship Status
By: Jennifer Post
Image: andresr/E+/Getty Images

About This Quiz

There are countless resources out there for making house building an easier task. It is nice to learn from other people's mistakes and be able to implement the things they did that worked. But there are still so many personal elements, and future things you have to think about when building a house from the ground up. You might not have children now, but do you want to include spaces for them in the future? How do you make sure your kitchen is big enough for guests when you start entertaining. 

Building a home from the ground up should be fun! You get to put in all of your personality and pick out almost everything yourself. Want the walls to be bright pink? Done! Love shag carpet? No one can stop you! This is all you, and you deserve to have a great time doing it. You will be living in the house after all. Take this chance of building your dream home from the ground up, and make it so perfect for you. If you're ready to take on the task of building a house from the ground-up, get some practice with this quiz, and as a bonus, we'll guess your relationship status!

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Starting from the ground-up means you need a foundation. How many square feet are you building the foundation for?

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Let's back up for a second. How will you go about choosing a contractor?

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And what about your countertops? Which material will you choose for those?

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What metal finish will your faucets be?

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Now the fun part! Where will you most likely be getting furniture from?

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What color towels will you put in the main bathroom?

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Your walls are pretty bare now, but how will you dress them up?

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Looking out your window, what view do you hope to have?

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