Build a House and We'll Guess Which Underrated Goddess You Are

Kennita Leon

Approximately how big will your house be?

How many people will call your house home?

How many floors will your house have?

What architectural style are you going with?

What type of flooring will you put in most of the house?

How many bedrooms will there be?

How many bathrooms?

What size beds will go in the guest bedrooms?

What size bed will you choose for the master?

How much closet space will you need?

Will your bedroom's furniture be built-in or bought?

What kind of ventilation sounds the best?

Are you team bathtub or team shower?

Do you want a very big kitchen?

What should the countertops be made out of?

What color cabinets do you have in mind?

Which extra will you put in the kitchen?

How many people should your dining table hold?

What kind of chandelier will be hung in the dining room?

In your living room, what size TV would fit perfectly?

What kind of sofa would be ideal?

What upholstery material would suit your lifestyle the best?

We need an area rug. Which of these sounds perfect?

How does a home office sound to you?

What extra feature would you love to add to your home?

Let's go outside. How many cars should the garage be able to hold?

In the backyard, which of these are you placing on the ground?

Which of these water features do you want?

What'll be the most special part of your backyard?

What color are you painting the house?

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About This Quiz

Goddesses, in any pantheon, are powerful in their own right. And while some may possess more power than others, they all still serve a purpose, represent something or changed fate in some way. This is why we're focusing on the minor goddesses today - you know, the ones who don't get nearly as much credit as they deserve. Minor goddesses, by definition, are those women, if we can call them that, who aren't among the original Olympians (Aphrodite, Athena, Demeter, Artemis, Hestia or Hera). They could have been daughters of these goddesses, but not of the original twelve who lived on Mount Olympus. 

These minor goddesses were often the helpers of the original twelve; they hunted with them, served them, fought with them and sometimes even married them. They represented love, fertility, war, the underworld and the Earth. But which one of them are you? Who would you marry and what would your fate be? 

We have the quiz that'll answer those questions for you. So if you really want to know whether Zeus would be your father, whether you'd be serving the gods ambrosia, whether you're the goddess of the Earth or whether you raged war with Ares, get started on this quiz! 

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