Build a Kardashian Mansion and We'll Tell You Which Sister You Are!

Zoe Samuel

How many bedrooms would your mansion have?

How many bathrooms would it have?

How many rooms explicitly for entertaining would your mansion have?

What sort of view would you like?

How many floors would your mansion have?

What kind of art would be in your mansion?

Where would you build your mansion?

What would you put in guest rooms to keep your friends entertained?

What would be the centerpiece of your drawing room?

What architect would you hire to build your mansion?

What would your mansion's interior look like?

What surface would you want for your driveway?

What outdoor entertainment would you absolutely insist on?

What kind of bed would you put in the master bedroom?

What kind of couch would you get for your living room?

What style of building would you like?

How would you treat your floors?

What kind of furniture would you put in your dining room?

What would you put in your game room?

Would you include maids' quarters?

How would you decorate the walls of your home?

How would you lay out your kitchen?

How large must your mansion be?

What window treatments would you want?

What sort of light fixtures would you want to illuminate your mansion?

How remote would your mansion be?

How large would your garage be?

What high-tech home technology would you buy?

How would you organize your home for when guests arrive?

Would you have a guest house?

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About This Quiz

The Kardashians are one of those families whose fame almost no one but a die-hard fan can fully explain, but whether you religiously watch every episode of their reality show, purchase their products, follow them on social media, or blot them out almost entirely, you've still heard of them. Indeed, you can probably still recognize most of them.

One thing the Kardashian brand is known for is that they give us nearly unfettered access to their lives. We've seen their intimate moments, their family dramas, their moments of joy, and of course, just about every inch of their many homes. 

We know whether they prefer the all-gold, all-the-way look, or something a little more sleek-and-chic. Occasionally, we might even get a glimpse of something understated. It's all about proving that they've got it, and thus they're going to flaunt it! Sure, the permanently public lifestyle may not be for everyone, but whether you intend to live that way or not, you might occasionally indulge in the fantasy of matching the lifestyle of this particular rich and famous clan. So tell us about your fantasy mansion, and we'll point you to the Kardashian whose life you might most easily emulate!

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