Quiz: Build a Library and We'll Guess Which Classic Literary Woman You Are
Build a Library and We'll Guess Which Classic Literary Woman You Are
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Ah, the quiet and peacefulness of a library that is only meant for you and your loved ones. The anticipation grows as you look at shelf upon shelf of books to read. The adventures, the dramas and the romantic stories are all squirreled away in a perfect place to lay your hands on. A cup of coffee or tea at your side, soft music in the background and an oh-so-comfortable chair are all you need. Imagine the decor, the walls and the lighting. It's perfection while you luxuriate, entertaining and educating your mind. Whether you love to read poetry out loud to hear the rhythm of the verse, or you enjoy feeling your brain cells multiply as you absorb a scientific or philosophical text, this quiz will help you pinpoint your dream library and which classic literary woman you have become. 

You can certainly consume books on a Nook, Kindle, cell or laptop. But the experience of opening a leather-bound book with golden embossing or gazing at a sacred text or historic political tract is, well... beyond words. Whether you have an air of mystery around you, unmatched elegance or empowering attitudes, it will all be revealed when you choose a library of your liking. Take the quiz now.  

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