Build a March Madness Bracket and We’ll Guess How Much of a Risk Taker You Are

Brian Whitney

They haven't been good for a while, but do think San Francisco could win a game this tournament?

Gonzaga looks better than ever, can they win it all?

Do you think Wofford has a shot at winning any games?

Duke has two of the best NBA prospects on their team, how far do you see them going?

Kentucky is always good, do you think they'll go far this year?

Virginia used to be good back in the days of Ralph Sampson, could they win it this year?

Baylor is always good, but never makes it far, what about this year?

Do you think BYU will even make the tournament?

Have you ever picked a 16 seed to beat a 1 seed?

Have you ever won your bracket before?

North Carolina Coach Roy Williams has coached in six championship games, will he make it to one this year?

Do you have a favorite team that you always pick no matter what?

Do you put money down on your bracket?

Who do you think will go farther this year, Michigan or Michigan State?

How much do you know about the players of each team?

When you fill out a bracket, do you ever just feel lucky, like something totally good is going to happen to you?

Do you think a team from the America East Conference could win a few games?

What conference do you think will have the most teams in the Sweet 16?

Which coach do you feel has the best chance to lead his team to victory?

Have you ever picked a 15 seed to beat a 2 seed?

The Big East is always solid, what do you think of them this year?

How many brackets do you fill out each year?

Do you spend a lot of time watching college basketball during the year?

How quickly do you fill out your bracket?

Do you think Nebraska can make the Sweet 16 this year?

Buffalo is good this year, do you have them in your Elite Eight?

Do you think Wisconsin can actually win it all this year?

How much of the tournament do you usually watch?

What do you tend to bet most on?

How far do you think Incarnate Word can make it this year?

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About This Quiz

If you're a college basketball fan, you look forward to the March Madness tournament in a big way, and why not? The whole thing is a fantastic sports event. But even if you aren't a huge college basketball fan, you might be a big fan of the tournament, in part because of the March Madness brackets. You might be asked to join one at work, or possibly by one of your friends, but if you even do it once, then you're probably going to be hooked on March Madness.

For those of you not in the know, a March Madness bracket consists of all the teams in the tournament. The goals are for you to pick the winners of each game in each round culminating in the championship game. If you pick the most right, then you win! Some people totally play it safe with their picks and always choose the most successful teams, while others try and pick upsets and choose underdogs that they think will win.

Are you ready to let us know your choices in March Madness? If so, we'll guess how many risks you take in your life off the court.

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