Build a March Madness Bracket and We’ll Guess Your Age

Raj Chander

Duke is led by dominating athlete Zion Williamson. How far will he take them?

UNC has a team of veterans, coached by the legendary Roy Williams. What will be their tournament fate?

How many March Madness brackets have you done before?

Louisville blew a 23-point lead against Duke this season. How far can in the tournament can they go after this historic loss?

What's going on around you as you are watching the March Madness games?

Who's cheering and screaming at the games along with you?

Last year, the UVA Cavaliers were involved in one of the tournament's most historic upsets. Which round will they make it to this year?

After a long weekend of watching the games of the opening round, what are you doing the Monday after?

Which factor most influences the teams you pick to win in your bracket?

Which of these teams from the south will win their division?

What's your snack of choice during the games?

What's the most exciting thing about the Big Dance?

What are you most likely to be drinking while you make your bracket?

With veteran coach John Calipari and sophomore star P.J. Washington leading the way, how long will Kentucky last in the dance?

Who will be this year's Cinderella team?

Which team from the Midwest will make it longest in the tournament?

Which of these legendary college coaches do you admire most?

Will you be making any wagers on any games?

Which trait is most important for a team to win the tournament?

They're both exciting, but how does NBA basketball compare to the NCAA in your opinion?

Which team makes it out of the east in your bracket?

What's your favorite music to listen to while watching the games and seeing how your bracket performs?

Which team has the toughest crowd?

How much time do you spend coming up with the perfect bracket each year?

How does your bracket usually perform compared to those you know?

What style of college play is your favorite?

If your bracket ended up being the best in your group, how would you celebrate?

What will happen on the last play of the championship game?

When your bracket gets busted, how do you respond?

What's the most important lesson to be learned from March Madness?

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About This Quiz

In the debate between professional and college basketball, those who prefer amateur ball have one big ace up their sleeves: March Madness, also known as the NCAA Championship Tournament.

The top teams from all over the country in every conference meet in the nation's largest arenas to battle it out for hardwood supremacy. Much of the frenzy is about the sheer volume of basketball - this year will feature 67 games played in 19 days.

The other major attraction that packs fans into bars and onto living room couches every March is the tournament's parity. Unlike the pros, where the better team almost always emerges victorious from a seven-game series, any March Madness game has the capability of delivering a huge upset. Just ask last year's University of Virginia Cavaliers, the first No. 1 seed to lose to a No. 16 seed in over 30 years.

The unpredictability is part of what makes filling out a bracket so challenging. Despite the task's astounding difficulty - a Duke math professor calculated the odds of getting a perfect bracket at around 1 in 9.2 quintillion -  millions of people from all walks of life participate in pools at work, school, or among friends to see who can best predict the results of the games. 

Give us some insight into the way your bracket is assembled, and we'll guess how old you are - hit the questions to get started!

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